True Buddha School Formally Launched First Online University Course!

Edu-Acad Announcement #2021003
True Buddha School Formally Launched First Online University Course!

Official launch of the first True Buddha School online university course!

"All-inclusive Buddhism", the first True Buddha School university course, was officially launched on the website of True Buddha School Online University [currently only available in Chinese] on January 3, 2021.

This rich and wonderful course, just like its name, "All-inclusive", covers a wide range of content including fundamental concepts, basic theories, righteous knowledge, and the right view of Buddhism. The course also provides in-depth analysis of Buddhism as it relates to science, philosophy, medicine, psychology, art, music, and other fields of knowledge.

The practice of Buddhism is not separate from ordinary life. This course answers frequently asked questions such as: "Is a Buddhist required to be a vegetarian? How does Buddhadharma view money? Does a Buddhist practitioner have to be ordained? What is the view of Buddhism toward children? Is one required to donate money to study Buddhism?"

This is a broad and in-depth university course, which provides a Dharma ship about to set sail for all those who want to explore the depths of the ocean of Buddhadharma.

The teaching materials for All-inclusive Buddhism are based on Buddhist doctrine and the teachings of Living Buddha Lian-sheng, and have been compiled in accordance with the standards of universities in Taiwan, Malaysia, and the United States. The curriculum of this 2-credit course has six chapters and 36 sessions. True Buddha School (TBS) disciples and devotees outside TBS are all invited to learn together.

For further information about this course, please visit the True Buddha School Online University website, One may formally register as a student to take the exam in the future and obtain the course completion certificate. Alternatively, one may just study the course content without formally registering as a student. Everyone is welcome to scan the WeChat QR code below to join this All-inclusive Buddhism student group.

We are especially grateful for the great blessings of the Root Guru, and to all masters, reverends, and volunteer professors and disciples who participated in compiling, editing, guiding, reviewing, polishing, and proofreading teaching materials. Thank you for your hard work day and night! Boundless merit!

Sailing in the ocean of Buddhism is launched from here!

Let's explore it together!

Quick guide to viewing the first course All-inclusive Buddhism
Note: Everyone can view the course content without student registration.
  1. Click to enter the home page of the True Buddha School Online University.
  2. Select 課程總覽 [View all courses] and 以學年分類[Sort by academic year].
  3. Scroll down to 第一學年上學期 包羅萬相的佛學(BUD101) [First semester of the first academic year All-encompassing Buddhism (BUD101)]
  4. Click 展開更多課程資訊 [expand for more course information] to view the 6 chapters and 36 sessions of the course.

Translated by TBTTs
Translator: Henry Wolf
Editor: DJ Chang

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