2023 True Buddha School Praying for the World

2023 True Buddha School Praying for the World
~ Great brilliance illuminates the world as mantra recitation resounds throughout the Dharma realms.
The True Buddha protects sentient beings by warming their hearts with compassion.

“The sound of mantra is a flowing river of life. When everyone is transformed into the sound of mantra the earth becomes resonant, the heart of the mantra reciter draws closer to the heart of the deity, a spiritual response occurs, and the mantra reciter enters into and merges with the heart of the deity.” – HH Dharma King Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu

As stated by the Dharma King: "The Disaster Relief Mantra has the power to deliver deceased spirits and guard suffering sentient beings.Those suffering from all kinds of disasters, including those caused by humans, demons, illnesses, and forces of nature, and those disturbed in body or mind, can be saved by the marvelous and incomparable Disaster Relief Mantra.”

The world is in turmoil. Let us soothe wounded hearts by providing great relief equally to all and save those suffering souls.

The True Buddha Foundation (TBF) is calling on True Buddha School disciples worldwide to join together in reciting the Disaster Relief Mantra and dedicate the merit as follows: "May the world be at peace and may the economy recover and prosper. May the spirits of those who died in disasters rest in peace, and may those who are suffering be relieved of their pain. May everyone everywhere have happiness, wellbeing, safety, and success in their undertakings"

Disaster Relief Mantra:
''Ta-chi-zha-zha-la。ta-chi-lu-lou-li。 ma-ha-lu-lou-li。ah-la-mo-la。duo-la。so-ha.''

Let’s pray for the world by reciting the Disaster Relief Mantra. May our prayers enter the hearts of buddhas and bodhisattvas, protecting mother earth and providing relief to those in need. May the sound of the mantra dispel rage and hostility, restoring Earth to a friendly and peaceful environment.

During the six days of recitation, let us also light lamps to pray for the world so that the world will be illuminated, darkness will be dispelled, and people’s hearts will be bright.

Dharma King Lian-sheng has been respectfully invited to pray to Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva for blessings and perform a collective merit dedication at the Thousand-armed Thousand-eyed Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva Homa Ceremony going to be held on December 31, 2022. On the same day, the name list of individuals reciting the mantra and a list of participating cultivation venues and Dharma propagating personnel will be burned in the homa fire for blessing.

Following the ceremony, TBF encourages participating cultivation venues to distribute offerings that have been blessed to those who are in need, so that during this recession, more people will have a new year with sufficient food and clothing.

Let’s pray for the world and fill it with the love of the True Buddha!

Event Time Frame and Live Webcast Channels:
The online mantra recitation event will run for six consecutive days from Taiwan time Sunday Dec. 25, 2022 to Friday, Dec. 30, 2022. The recitation will begin at 8:00PM each day.

Event participants will meet via ZOOM to recite mantras. A live webcast of the Zoom meeting will be available on YouTube and Facebook. Please register for the ZOOM meeting via this link:

The following cultivation venues will lead the mantra recitation:
Sunday, December 25, Persatuan Fatt Lung Tang, Kuching (法輪雷藏寺)
Monday, December 26, Vihara Satya Buddha Purnama Medan (圓月堂)
Tuesday, December 27, Federal Tantric Buddhism Chen Foh Chong Malaysia (般若雷藏寺)
Wednesday, December 28, Vihara Vajra Bumi Nusantara (印尼雷藏寺)
Thursday, December 29, Zhongguan Tang(中觀堂)
Friday, December 30, True Buddha Foundation (location: Zhongguan Tang)

In addition to participation in live sessions online, cultivation venues are welcome to hold mantra recitation sessions offline as well.

Participants are encouraged to wear the following colors during mantra recitation:

Red on Sunday, December 25
Yellow on Monday, December 26
Green on Tuesday, December 27
Blue on Wednesday, December 28
White on Thursday, December 29
Any above color is acceptable on Friday, December 30

Individual participants and cultivation venues may record their mantra recitation count at this TBSN link:

Translated by TBTTs
Translator: Lynn Ang
Editors: Henry Wolf and DJ Chang

慶賀真佛宗根本傳承上師八十聖壽 「一生一咒」800萬遍上師心咒活動,從今年師尊的佛誕日正式啟動,請參加者到TBSN官網以下鏈接登記資料: 每持滿十萬遍上師心咒者,宗委會將把名單呈給師尊加持。每持滿一百萬遍者,將列名護摩法會功德主,資料請師尊主壇護摩法會時下護摩爐。