24-hours Relay Mantra Recitation to supplicate Guru Buddha to stay in the world

True Buddha School Celebrating the 77th Birthday of HH Living Buddha Lian-sheng
【Worldwide relay recitation of the Longevity Buddha and Padmakumara mantras for 24 hours to supplicate Guru Buddha to stay in the world】

It is stated in the Buddhist scripture that by reciting the Amitayus Mantra, one can extend one’s lifespan, increase good fortune and wisdom, eradicate negative karma, achieve the accomplishment of immortality, or gain rebirth in the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss. By practicing Longevity Buddha, one can eradicate illnesses, increase longevity and good fortune, enhance virtuous affinities, eradicate evil affinities, and lengthen life for worldly undertakings.

We are asking True Buddha disciples to unitedly make a relay effort to recite the mantras of Padmakumara and Amitayus for 24 hours, pray to the Root Lineage Guru for the great lineage blessings with this collective mind power, invoke and make offerings to Padmakumara and Amitayus, and pray that the Guru Buddha will enjoy good health and longevity, be happy and unhindered, turn the Dharma wheel forever, and benefit and bliss infinite sentient beings.

Date and time: From 10:00AM June 26 (Sat.) to 10:00AM June 27 (Sun.)
11:00AM on June 27, group cultivation with Guru Buddha collectively dedicating merit.

Options for mantra recitation live webcast and group cultivation:
Zoom registration (limited to cultivation venues and Dharma propagation personnel):

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