Dharma Talk by Living Buddha Lian Sheng on 01/07/96

Generally speaking, apart from the analogy of classroom and laboratory, there are many other differences between Sutrayana and Tantrayana Buddhism. Chief among them is: The former has concentrated its teaching on `Mind cultivation`, whereas the latter has focused on both `Mind cultivation` and `Body cultivation`.

`Body cultivation` forms an integral part of Tantric spiritual life. Tantrayana firmly believes that like the universe, human body is also formed by the four aggregates of Earth, Water, Fire and Wind. Hence they are one and the same entity. By cultivating our bodies, we will be able to have psychic response with the cosmos-consciousness.

`Rainbow Light Great Attainment` is the term used to describe a person who is able to release the energy force from his body through spiritual cultivation. In his cultivation process, he is able to really feel `something` - an invincible power, collectively known as `Dharma Power`.

As the Dharma Power is real, a cultivator can verify its presence through his body and mind. This is in line with the Tantric doctrine of putting all theories learned into experiment and personally verifying their results. The above-mentioned is a significant difference between the two schools.

`Rainbow Light Great Attainment` is to ignite the energy force in our body - the psychic heat, so that our bodies can radiate great lights. By so doing, we will be able to communicate with the cosmo-energy in the universe. This is the fundamental doctrine of `Rainbow Light Great Attainment`.

As Tantrayana calls for the union of body and mind, one should not focus on body to the neglect of mind cultivation. Without body, there is no mind. And the reverse is also true. Therefore, in my humble opinion, Tantrayana is perfect, as it stresses on both form and formless; theories in the classroom as well as experiments in the laboratory. To the Tantrayana believers, material world cannot be separated and divided from the spiritual world.

Clearing the blockage in our Qi(energy) and Mai (Vein), we will be able to change ourselves into rays of rainbow lights. Of course, before we can do this, we must learn all the cultivation methods from our teachers and put in a lot of effort in carrying out the spiritual cultivation.

The Qi Mai and MingDian mentioned so often by Tantrayana are `secrets` in our body, hence the Buddhism is known as `Mi Qiao` - Secret religion in Chinese. Apart from theories, Tantrayana also values the oral traditions passed down to the cultivators.

When doctrines form a prominent part of teaching, the school is known as `Xian` - Sutrayana.

`Sutra` was first introduced by Shakyamuni Buddha to this world, whereas `Tantra` was taught by Vairocana Buddha.

My aim of giving this series of talks on `Rainbow Light Great Attainment` is to teach you all kinds of mind and body cultivation techniques, so that you can exploit the Inner Tantra and eventually attain a `Rainbow Light Body` - the highest spiritual fruit of True Buddha Tantra.

I believe it is the most meaningful task in life to take up spiritual cultivation, aim for union with the cosmos-consciousness, and bring about `Great brilliance`.

The following are foods for thoughts:

What is the value of life?

What is the purpose of life?

What is life and what is death?

Pondering over these questions, soon you will agree with me that spiritual cultivation is the greatest endeavor in one𠏋 life.

Om Mani Padme Hum

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