Today is the first time I have conducted the Red Manohara Vasudhara Homa. It is also quite possible that no one in the entire world has ever conducted such a homa before. I am saying possibly! A lot of people have searched the internet for ''Gou She Cai Xu Nu.'' Actually ''Gou She Cai Xu Nu'' is Red Manohara Vasudhara. After searching all anyone could find was a reference to ''Gou She Cai Xu Nu'' in the Encyclopedia of Tibetan Vajrayana Deities but there is no reference whatsoever as to her origin. In the entire world it is probably only Grand Master who knows the origin of Red Manohara Vasudhara. If I don't tell you about her origin, none of you will know. It is because no matter how much you search the internet, you won't find any mention of it. It is only after Grand Master has revealed it that you will be able to find it there.

This deity who holds a vajra hook is very special. She is not only very special, but also very secret and very honorable. In today's homa ceremony there were about one thousand primary supplicants, and there are about thirty to forty thousand True Buddha disciples and other virtuous people in attendance. Today's homa also has the largest attendance to date of masters who have come from all over the world. It is fully packed and everyone wants to see just what Grand Master is going to show. This is a deity whose origin is unknown and who is not searchable on the internet, or in any Vajrayana manual or dharma teachings.

Now let me tell you a story from a long long time ago. I had previously taught the ''Leaving-home Sutra.'' Last time at Emperor Temple I also talked about the ''Leaving-home Business Sutra, meeting Guanyin the moment I stepped out the door, Buddhas in the east, west, south, and north. Buddha, Buddha, and Buddha, all merchandise is completely sold out.'' Someone asked me how to say it in English. I said like this, ''I am a business man。I go outside to sell my items。When I open the door, I see Guanyin Bodhisattva。In the East,there are so many buddha。In the West,there are many buddha。In the South,there are so many buddha。In the North,there are so many buddha。All buddha。Wow,buddha,buddha,buddha,buddha,buddha...My business is very good. Today all my items are sold out.''

I have been telling everyone about the ''Leaving-home Sutra.'' If you already know how to chant this sutra you should do so on a regular basis. Chanting it will help your business. This is the benefit of reciting the ''Leaving-home Sutra.''

Red Manohara Vasudhara, however, is different. This deity has never been taught by anyone before. I have heard that the principal deity of Kamala Buddha Mother is a woman Jambhala, known as the Goddess of Wealth in Tibet. But whether this female Jambala is Red Manohara Vasudhara, 私は知らない (Japanese: I don't know.)

I don't know if Kamala Buddha Mother's principal deity is Red Manohara Vasudhara, but Kamala Buddha Mother is also a Goddess of Wealth. Kamala Buddha Mother's attendance here today means there are two Goddesses of Wealth, one living on the world, the other, in Heaven. Today, both of them are here. This means we are destined to prosper. (everyone applauds)

This morning, when I woke up, I felt that I had grown taller. Hey? Why are my feet sticking out from my blanket? No! It took me quite a while to realize that this was because the quilt was covering me horizontally, not because I had grown taller. Shimu often remarks ''Look at that tall, handsome guy!'' Whenever I hear ''tall and handsome'' oh! I feel depressed. In fact, although he may be a little short and a little fat, Grand Master Lu's spirit is vast and boundless. Spiritually, he is a giant.

Red Manohara Vasudhara is a giant, a mighty giant. As long as you are able to attain spiritual union with Red Manohara Vasudhara, all of the Gods of Wealth, whether Vajrayana's Red Jambhala, Yellow Jambhala, White Jambhala, Green Jambhala, Black Jambhala, or the lead figure of all the Jambhalas, you will attain spiritual union with them all.

Do you know who Red Manohara Vasudhara is? Can you recognize her seed syllable? Her seed syllable is ''Chuli'' and also ''Seh.'' Let me tell you something. While Amitabha was building the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss he did not travel through billions of Buddhist Pure Lands alone. A deity was by his side accompanying him. This deity was Red Manohara Vasudhara. Just by looking at her seed syllable ''Chuli'' and ''Seh'' in the mantra you should be able to tell she is Red Manohara Vasudhara of the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss. We only see the Western Trinity, Amitabha, Avalokiteshvara and Mahasthamaprapta. Where is Red Manohara Vasudhara? Let me tell you! She is Amitabha's ''mistress,'' When I put it this way, are you more clear about it? Avalokiteshvara and Mahasthamaprapta stand next to Amitabha. These two great Bodhisattvas are Amitabha's attendants. But Red Manohara Vasudhara never appears, for she is the ''mistress'' of Amitabha. However, in the Buddhist Pure Land, there is no such term as ''mistress.''

A man finally had an epiphany. One day he saw a very beautiful and sexy girl, so he approached her for a conversation. They talked for long hours and when he returned home, he realized his wallet was gone. He finally understood ''Form is Emptiness.'' Amitabha is Tathagata, and the Tathagata is, of course, Buddha. He can manifest. The building of the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss was due completely to the capability of Red Manohara Vasudhara. Amitabha himself did not move. He only swirled his heart and emanated Red Manohara Vasudhara. Amitabha had seen all the Buddhist Pure Lands and all the precious and best attractions. The Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss is made up of the quintessence of all these Buddhist Pure Lands. Who actually accomplished the building of the Western Pure Land? It was Red Manohara Vasudhara, an emanation of Amitabha Buddha himself, who built the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss.

Red Manohara Vasudhara used her vajra hook to hook all the gold to the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss, so the ground was paved with gold. She hooked to the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss all the Seven Treasures Trees in rows from Hua Yan Pure Land as well as the purest ambrosia which became eight waters of merit. After that she brought the gorgeous luminosity of Indra's Pearl Net to the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss.

After having hooked everything over, Red Manohara Vasudhara manifested all the palaces of the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss with the seven treasures and gold. The palaces in the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss are countless.

Her mantra is: ''Om。ma-rou-ha-ri-ya。ha-ri-ya。om。yin-ku-sa。yin-ku-sa。seh-seh-seh。hum-hum-hum。pei 。so-ha。'' The approximate meaning of the mantra is ''use vajra hook to magnetize, to magnetize, to hook, to hook, soha. Mission is fully accomplished.'' The meaning of her mantra is to attract, just like the ''Great Star Absorbing Practice,'' where she draws all powers to herself; it also means magnetizing all monies and treasures from all worlds towards herself by using the vajra hook. She hooked them one by one to Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss.

As a result the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss became the most famous pureland of all the Buddhist Pure Lands. Red Manohara Vasudhara is able to create such a Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss, a most perfect Pure Land. Practicing her dharma will make you very rich, as rich as the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss. Moreover, there is another benefit. So long as you are spiritually united with Red Manohara Vasudhara, you are also spiritually united with Amitabha. This is because Red Manohara Vasudhara is a goddess manifested from Amitabha's mind. Isn't this truly magnificent? You see her seed syllable is ''Seh,'' which is ''Chuli.'' In Japanese the pronunciation is ''Chuli.'' In Tibetan the pronunciation is ''Seh,'' very simple.

(Grand Master said in Japanese and English) I am Sheng-yen Lu. My home is in Seattle, United States, and also 39 Lixing Road, Taichung. Those who know Japanese should understand what I am saying! How many of you here know Japanese? Master Jingxiang, Dr. Yue Shuwen, a professor teaching Japanese, and another one, the producer of the film ''Crazy God.'' He is also a Japanese teacher.

As Red Manohara Vasudhara was manifested by Amitabha, her home is in the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss.

Tell everyone a key cultivation formula, when visualizing Red Manohara Vasudhara, you visualize one of her hands is holding a vajra hook, and the other, a jewel-spewing Mongoose. You must remember to visualize that the vajra hook is moving. Whatever you wish to have, you must visualize that it is dropped off from the vajra hook.

We now have her image. Her one hand holds a vajra hook while the other holds a jewel-spewing mongoose. She is red, so is the Amitabha of the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss. They both have the same color. Western Amitabha belongs to red. In Tibetan Vajrayana, Amitabha is also represented in red. Likewise, Red Manohara Vasudhara is also in red. You visualize, chant her mantra and enter Samadhi. Her mudra is the Vajra Hook Mudra like this. (Grand Master demonstrates) While in meditation, form the Vajra Hook Mudra, then move the hook of your mudra as if it is hooking something. Whatever you wish to have will be hooked and dropped in front of you. You want ''Franklin (United States currency),'' ''Franklin'' will drop out all over. Everything is hooked out by you. If you want to hook gold, gold will be hooked down by you. If you want to hook gold nuggets and bullion as Fed class, one by one they will be hooked and dropped down. But be careful not to be hit by them. Also don't get hit by the Franklin. You can also have NT dollars. You move the hook of mudra once and what comes out will be all NT dollars just as you visualized, NT dollars as infinite as a sea of clouds.

One of our True Buddha disciples won the lottery jackpot. While I laid my hand one by one on each disciple's head while passing by, the jackpot winner grasped my hand and whispered in my ear ''Grand Master I won the lottery jackpot'' as I touched his head. I looked at him momentarily. Someone had won the jackpot but didn't dare reveal himself in the True Buddha School for he was afraid to speak out. Why not dare to say it? It is because there are many temple builders in audience! Those masters will chase after him and ask, ''You hit the jackpot, why not donate some money to us for building temples?'' This has frightened away those lottery winners. Lotus Suomai who won lottery in America was harassed, not sexually but monetarily, by those masters wearing a Five-buddha crown sitting here. He was so harassed that he did not dare to come to Seattle Temple again. Nowadays someone who hits the jackpot dares not say it out loud. The disciple will just quietly tell Grand Master alone. Grand Master would say, ''Congratulations!'' He would also make a hundred dollars offering to Grand Master, which is just fine.

We now have her mudra, mantra, and image. Be cautious when you visualize her as you must also visualize her vajra hook moving. How to say Red Manohara Vasudhara in English? ''Hook Money Lady Angel.'' You have to know that! You have to visualize Red Manohara Vasudhara as sixteen years old. Girls who want to perform as Red Manohara Vasudhara can use fake eyelashes! Use false eyelashes as a hook. Visualize yourself hooking with your fake eyelashes. Wow! Money falls down. Don't you think these fake eyelashes look like a hook? Just use them to hook down whatever you want. It is very interesting. However, you must remember this key cultivation formula. The vajra hook must be moving; the hook of your Vajra Hook Mudra must be moving. Whatever treasures you wish to have, you then visualize them and hook them down. As the result, you will be rich, because Red Manohara Vasudhara can hook and move all fortune gods and earth gods in the five directions including both civil and martial Gods of Wealth. All are hooked by her. She has a praise verse which is also very important:
        Boundless past deeds of virtues,
        Transmute into wealth, longevity, and magnificence.
        Buddha Mother bestows upon practitioner riches and treasure,
        I pay homage to the Enriching Buddha Mother.

At the conclusion you must praise her with this important praise verse.

The True Buddha School practices typically include three practicing segments: Preliminary, Core, and Concluding Practices. All these three together constitute a complete Vajrayana sadhana. These preliminary, core, and concluding steps are required. Red Manohara Vasudhara is mighty, so you don't ask insignificant things from her.

Tell a joke. There was an elephant swimming in a river. He was called by his wife, an ant, to get on the shore. ''Hey you! Come up! Come up!'' The Elephant was swimming in the river but the ant kept calling him to get out of the river. After the elephant got out of the river, he asked the ant, ''Honey, what happened? '' The ant was nervous, ''I want to ask you. Are you wearing my swimming suit?'' There are a lot of elephant jokes. An elephant is huge, as huge as Red Manohara Vasudhara. In comparison with her, we human being are as small as an ant. If she is going to bestow something on you, she will give it to you quickly. A few more jokes here are also related to elephants and ants. One day, an ant crawled and crawled. She finally made to the ear of the elephant and said something to him. The elephant fainted right after hearing what the ant said, because the ant said, ''I am pregnant.'' One day, an ant and an elephant wanted to get divorce. The ant said, ''I don't want to be married to you anymore. I want a divorce.'' ''Why?'' ''Because each time I need to kiss you, I have to spend a whole day to crawl up there for just one kiss.'' The elephant also felt discontented, he said, ''Once you crawled up, just one breath from me, you disappear.'' As a result, the elephant and the ant got divorced. An ant sticks one leg out of its hole. Others saw it and asked her. ''Why are you always leaving one leg outside?'' The ant replied, ''I hate elephants, when an elephant passes by, I want to trick him to fall down with my leg.'' Let me tell you, this elephant symbolizes our Red Manohara Vasudhara who owns gigantic fortune. We human beings are as small as the ant. Her wealth is untold, therefore she can bestow on us whatever we wish to have. She has such capabilities. Moreover, she is Amitabha's manifestation. There is another bigger benefit of cultivating her dharma. Once you unite spiritually with her, you also unite spiritually with Amitabha. That through a fortune deity you spiritually unite with a Buddha is not something you take casually. In other words, from practicing a fortune god sadhana one obtains not only fortune but also tathagata wisdom, which is quite magnificent. The significance of this deity is her origin, which is the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss. This pure land possesses the essences of all other pure lands. Everything is the best. Red Manohara Vasudhara is a fortune goddess from the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss. As you receive spiritual union with the deity, you also obtain the spiritual union with Amitabha.

She is Amitabha's ''mistress,'' isn't she? When you spiritually unite with Amitabha's ''mistress,'' how can Amitabha dislike you? Avalokiteshvara, a great compassionate bodhisattva, and Mahasthamaprapta, a wisdom bodhisattva, both stand by Amitabha's sides, but they must concede to the ''mistress,'' because Red Manohara Vasudhara is manifested by Amitabha! She is emanated from his heart! The Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss was built and established by her! She is Amitabha, and Amitabha is Red Manohara Vasudhara. This is what I have unveiled to you. In this world nobody will say what I have just said. None of you have heard about this before, absolutely not.

Let me tell you another joke! One loving couple were captured by a wild man in a mountain. The wild man said to them, ''If you both eat each other's feces, I will release you.'' The couple really did what was told, so indeed the wild man let them go. On the way home, the woman cried. The man asked her why, ''We are freed, why do you cry?'' The woman said sadly, ''You don't love me, otherwise you wouldn't have shit so much.'' Let me tell you, when you pray to Manohara Vasudhara, ask as much as you want. She will definitely give you lots of it. However much you ask that is how much you will get, so you can be fortunate!

There is also a cannibal joke. A cannibal and his son went hunting. They saw a very skinny girl passing. The son asked his father, ''Do we catch this one?'' The dad replied, ''No!No! No! This one is all bones and ribs. She won't taste good. '' So, they let her go. Suddenly another girl showed up. Wow! A dinosaur girl! So fat. One was skinny, the other was fat. When the fat girl walked by, the son asked his father again, ''Are we catching this one to eat?'' His Dad said, ''This one is too oily, not good, too much cholesterol. Let her go!'' Suddenly, another sexy girl appeared. She was beautiful and nice. When the sexy girl came by, Dad's staring eyes were frozen at the girl. The son repeated the same question again. Dad said, ''Catch her, and we'll go home to eat your Mom instead.'' This is a joke.

What I meant to say is that Red Manohara Vasudhara is mighty. She is very honourable, as honourable as Buddha. I repeat, when you visualize, you must move your mudra. Whatever you wish, use this hook to hook it down. This is the key formula. If your mudra hook doesn't move, then no money will be bestowed. You must visualize that the vajra hook of Red Manohara Vasudhara is moving, and that the hook of your mudra is also moving in concert. This is the key formula.

There is a saying, ''A little secret turns into little value once it is revealed. But if it is kept, it costs one three years to break through it.'' It may be more than three years or even lifetime thinking but no money comes.

You need to visualize Red Manohara Vasudhara's vajra hook moving along with the movement of your mudra, both moving simultaneously. That is earth and heaven interacting, bringing fortune to you. If you ask for worldly riches Red Monohara Vasudhara will bestow them on you.This is a very important visualization, and important mudra. Also you must chant the mantra, that contains great star magnetizing dharma, and hooking method. Hooking and magnetizing methods are both in the sadhana. By practicing Red Manohara Vasudhara's dharma you also cultivate Guanyin's dharma. You will not only obtain spiritual union with Guanyin but will also be endowed with Buddha Tathagata wisdom because Guanyin is the embodiment of Amitabha. At the same time you will also be able to spiritually unite with Mahasthamaprapta who is a bodhisattva of extraordinary wisdom. In a moment we will have the empowerment of this deity.
Om Mani Padme Hum.

!!Please be aware that before engaging in any True Buddha Vajrayana practices, one must first take refuge and receive the respective empowerment.!!

Translated by TBTTs (Only those sections of the article which are relevant to Red Manohar Vasudhara)
Translator: Hong Nan Soh
Translation Accuracy Editor: DJ Chang
English Proficiency Editor: Henry Wolf

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