Today we performd the Ekajati Homa. And where does Ekajati come from? She is a transformation of Adi Buddha, Samantabhadra Tathagata, or the Primordial Buddha (Audience applauds.) The Primordial Buddha is the earliest buddha in the Vajrayāna, called Adi-Buddha, also call Samantabhadra Tathagata. His emanation appearance is The One Topknot Buddha Mother (Sanskrit: Ekajati, Tibetan: ral chig ma.) Why is this deity called Ekajati? Because it means No. 1 (Audience applauds.) Her image is very special. Ekajati has a single upright ponytail, single eye, single tooth, and single breast.

''Single upright ponytail'' represents the supreme top of the Primordial Buddha, ''single eye'' represents the perfect and complete wisdom, and ''single tooth'' represents the complete purity. This is because with her single tooth, Ekajati can crush attachment, aversion, ignorance, doubt, pride and all the bad things into pieces. As for ''single breast,'' I don't know what it represents, well! A Vajra Master responded, ''Nourish all sentient beings with the single breast (Audience applauds.)''

Ekajati herself represents ''non-production.'' My pronunciation of the mantra of Ekajati 「om. ah-song-ma. hum-pei.」 is different from how everyone had pronounced it previously.「Ah-Song-Ma」is Ekajati's name in Tibet. She is called「Ahsongma.」Those who recite her name and her mantra can smash attachment, aversion, ignorance, doubt, pride and all negative karma will be removed. Ekajati, Kurukulle, and Rahula are the three principal protectors of the Nyingmapa. Ekajati was the principal deity of Reverend Liaoming.

Her practice is a subjugation practice. Internally, Ekajati can subjugate one's attachment, aversion, ignorance, doubt, and pride. Also, she is able to remove all your karma and all your bad habits. Externally, if there is evil, and it appears in front of Ekajati, it will be diminished. Ekajati's sharp tooth is triangular. She will place the evil at the tip of the triangle. Then, Smash! Ekajati will chew it like an ant and crush it. The primary purpose for the practice of this deity is for subjugation. Visualize Ekajati's triangular tooth, then positioning your karma or enemies under Ekajati's triangular tooth. Smash! And they will disappear as if they had evaporated from the world. All of a sudden, they leave the earth. So, this practice cannot be practiced lightly! You cannot practice it against a person, but you can use the sharp angle of the triangle tooth to subjugate your karma: attachment, aversion, ignorance, doubt, pride, bad idiosyncrasies, all your bad karma, and yourself. One ''Smash!'' You ''restore your purity.'' This is also a ''repentance practice.''

In the past, Tibetans knew about「Repentance in Principle.」 What is 「Repentance in Principle?」 It means to repent through principle, which all of them knew. What the Sixth Patriarch had said, ''Do not think of good, do not think of evil'' is「Repentance in Principle;」''Past thoughts are unobtainable, present thoughts are unobtainable, and future thoughts are unobtainable'' is ''「Repentance in Principle.」''

And what is ''Repentance in Deed?'' It is when you are actually practicing the repentance practice. This is called ''Repentance in Deed.'' It is true repentance, not ''Repentance in Principle,'' which is a theoretical form of repentance. Whereas ''Repentance in Deed'' is the real implementation, therefore it is called ''Repentance in Deed.'' In Master Tsongkhapa's time, all the Tibetan monks knew that ''Repentance in Principle'' meant ''Do not think of the good, do not think of evil;'' ''Past thoughts are unobtainable, present thoughts are unobtainable, and future thoughts are unobtainable;'' and ''all good and evil are actually empty,'' but they didn't know what was ''Repentance in Deed.''

Without knowing what is ''Repentance in Deed,'' which is the true repentance practice, you will be unable to get away from the reincarnating within the six realms for the reasons that your being in the human world illusively accepts karma that is also illusory. Karma is illusory, but you still illusively accept it. Therefore, only ''Repentance in Principle'' without ''Repentance in Deed'' will not work. One must repent for real, and practicing Ekajati's practice is the true repentance. It will remove all your ignorance, attachment, aversion, doubt, pride, bad habits and all kind of karma in an instance.

Today is the first of January, which should be a start. Eariler, we practiced Ekajati. Besides subjugation, what other merit does the Ekajati practice have? The subjugation merit is already powerful. If one is able to ''restore one's own purity,'' it is already the biggest blessing. ''Restoring one's own purity'' is the biggest calamity eradication; ''Restoring one's own purity'' is the biggest love and respect; ''Restoring one's own purity'' is the biggest subjugation. On January 1st, we practiced Ekajati, and it is number 1. It means all four achievements: calamity eradication, enrichment, love and respect, and subjugation, have been successfully applied in one day (Audience applauds.)

The primary purpose of Ekajati is to subjugate, if you subjugate your own karma, restore your purity, in due course your blessings will increase; your wisdom will increase. Everything purified and perfect in your life is love and respect; when everything is pure, naturally all enemies will be removed. If you specialize practicing the deity's subjugation practice, any demons will be removed (Audience applauds.)

Today we practiced Ekajati in five 1's, first 1 in Ekajati and 4 1's in january 1 of 2011. So, who was so smart to think of that? (Grandmaster smiles and all audience applauds.) Even I did not think of that.

Ekajati will remove your karmic illnesses. Samantabhadra Tathagata, Primordial Buddha - Adi Buddha, and Ekajati surely are capable of illuminating and delivering beings in the nether land. Hence this practice today is indeed perfect and very auspicious (Audience applauds.)

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