(The following translation is the 1/29/2011 dharma discourse related to Mahasri only.)

<1/29/2011 Taiwan Lei Tsang Temple Mahasri Homa Ceremony Discourse of Living Buddha Lian-sheng>
In my younger days I thought only of growing up quickly and becoming self-sufficient. Now that I am growing old, the thoughts and feelings in my heart are more, especially during the New Year. As the New Year is the fresh beginning of a new annual cycle we should only speak auspicious words.

Today we are conducting a homa for Mahasri. Many people consider Divine Mother Mahasri a ''mother'' and the Goddess Mahasri a ''daughter.'' They ask me ''Are Divine Mother Mahasri and the Goddess Mahasri one and the same?''

The celestial realm of Mahasri is called the Auspicious Heaven. It is a celestial realm of its own and its position is approximately the same as the heaven of the Four Heavenly Kings.

In the legends of Vajrayana Mahasri is either the wife or the younger sister of Yellow Jambala, Vaisravana. Which is she? Vaisravana's wife or his younger sister? There is really no definitive answer. Anyway, everyone says Mahasri has a relationship with Vaisravana. Whether Mahasri is related as wife or younger sister, Divine Mother Mahasri and the Goddess Mahasri are in fact one and the same.

There is a mantra: ''The Shangqing Shangdi, the Donghua Dilijun, Bestow on Lian-sheng the Divine Book of Liujia, Authority to command the deities of Liujia Liuding, freedom to travel to the celestial realms of Twelve Xinu and the Five Goddesses of Nayan Heaven, Chief of the Three Divine Generals of Fire, Ocean, and Wind, Each Divine General leads a million divine soldiers, Assist in Lian-sheng's power, supernatural ability, transformations, and merging with the Tao.''

This Taoist mantra mentions two major deities, the Twelve Xinu and the Five Goddesses of Nayan Heaven. The Twelve Xinu are namely the Twelve Mahasris, and the Five Goddesses of Nayan Heaven are the Five Longevity Devis. This mantra and Vajrayana are related. The Twelve Xinu are the twelve transformations from the Twelve Mahasris and the Five Goddesses of the Nayan Heaven are the Five Longevity Goddesses. In Vajrayana, both of these goddesses are well-known. They predominantly eradicate evil and tie up the maras. The Twelve Mahasris have the power to bring auspiciousness. Their practice therefore belongs to Jambala dharma. Jambala is a wealth deity who bestows fortune. One can also cultivate subjugation practice with this deity.

In Japan, Mahasri is depicted as kindly with a smile on her face. She wears a phoenix crown, and holds an auspicious fruit. The Japanese Mahasri is gentle and elegant. In Tibet, however, Mahasri is depicted differently. The Tibetan Mahasri has eyes facing to the front and the rear. Even the horse she rides has eyes on its rear end so Mahasri can see forward and backward, to the left and the right. Tibetan Mahasri can overcome evil and her appearance is wrathful and fierce. The Japanese Mahasri is moderate and refined. According to one's favorite image, one may visualize Mahasri either way.

Today we are cultivating Mahasri right before the Lunar New Year which is a time for ''exorcising demons'' and ''gaining wealth.'' This is what's great about the Lunar New Year. (audience applauds) We wholeheartedly pray that Mahasri will shine her light and bless all the homa registrants, exorcise demons, provide wealth, and let the netherworld beings ascend to heaven. We pray that she will heal the sick and eradicate any disasters we may encounter in the upcoming year. We pray that she will increase our wisdom in the new year, increase our good fortune, and bring love and respect to perfect fulfillment. We pray that she will dispel all evil difficulties. We sincerely pray to ''Om, ma-ha, shi-li-ye, so-ha'' for enlightenment and perfection. (audience applause)

Translated by True Buddha Translation Team
Translator: Henry Wolf
Editor: DJ Chang

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