(Tranlated the dharma talk only relevant to Amoghapasa)
As usual for today, I want to introduce the principal deity for next week's Homa. She is Amoghapasa (Bu Kong Juan-suo Guanyin in Chinese characters.) We have performed the Homa for this Boddhisattva before, in Taiwan as well as in Rainbow Temple.

All of you do not know what kind of Guanyin this deity is. It is very easy, whatever you wish to have all will not be empty wishes, therefore it is called ''Not Empty (Bu Kong.)'' She will help you to tie up and pull in whatever you wish to have by using a lasso (Juan-suo.)

As such it is called ''Bu Kong Juan-suo.'' That is to say, whatever you wish to have Amoghapasa fulfills. She will always cast her rope. Then she will pull it in, that's right, pull it in for you. Anyway, whatever you wish to have, she will cast her lasso. It will never fall through, but instead it will be pulled back. A bit similar to throwing a horse lasso, just one throw will bring back-in the horse.

As such it is called ''Non-empty Lasso Guanyin.'' Juan-suo is a kind of very strong rope; Non-empty means whatever you wish to have all will not be empty. Next week, if you are not willing to be the main supplicant, it indicates that you are no longer seeking for anything! If you wish to have something, then be the main supplicant of this Boddhisattva.

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