Translated by TBTTs (This translation only includes content pertaining to Ucchusma)

Translator: Janny Chow

English Proficiency Editor: Ky Ly

First of all, I will give an introduction to Ucchusma, the deity of next Sunday's homa ceremony at 3 p.m. on October 6th. Please try as much as possible to attend if you want to receive an empowerment of Ucchusma.

Ucchusma specializes in eradicating filth. He existed at the time when Shakymuni Buddha was to enter nirvana. As Shakyamuni Buddha was about to leave samsara, all devas came to bid farewell with the exception of one.

This one deva, called Conch Chignon Deva, was still engaging in his own merrymaking. Many people went to advise him to definitely go and see Shakyamuni Buddha, but he just ignored them. He even set up a wall of filth around himself as a form of protection so all the devas and gods could not get close to him.

At this time Shakyamuni Buddha transformed from his heart a vajra deity, who was known as Ucchusma. This vajra deity possessed powerful yang energy which can eradicate all dark yin energy.

When Ucchusma arrived at the place of the Conch Chignon Deva, he was still having his own party. Ucchusma, without any fear, completely eradicated all of the filth. Then he bound up the Conch Chignon Deva and brought him to attend Shakyamuni Buddha's farewell party. This is the origin of Ucchusma.

Ucchusma himself is a vajra deity who possesses strong yang energy. In the past, the wife of one of our students gave birth to seven daughters successively. Every time when he went home drunk, he would say to his dog, ''Seven daughters, you know? Seven......'' Finally he came to seek me for help. I said to him, ''Just chant the mantra of Ucchusma.'' This is because Ucchusma can eradicate yin energy. As we know males are yang and females are yin, which means that men have more yang energy while women have more yin energy. Since Ucchusma is purely yang, and if someone keeps on chanting his mantra while trying to get pregnant, the baby will be male. This is because this will prevent all yin energies from getting close. Hence those who want to give birth to males should register as main supplicants in the homa ceremony.

Also people who have been assaulted by yin or noxious energies, or have had black magic put on them, they should pray to Ucchusma for help. Ucchusma is very powerful in these situations. Likewise, mental issues are also considered to be interferences from yin energies which could further manifest to psychological or biological illnesses. If you have angered some yin entity, or the spirit of an unborn baby has attached to you, or some evil spirits have attached to you, it is best to pray to Ucchusma for help. Those of you in these situations should also sign up as main supplicants.

If you often feel aches all over your body, it is adamant that you attend the homa ceremony and register as a main supplicant. The fire of Ucchusma eradicates all the yin energies, noxious qi, aches and pains and illnesses in your body. It is the best to become a main supplicant to Ucchusma at such times. This is the end of introduction. Thank you.

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