Translated by TBTTs (This translation only includes content pertaining to Ucchusma)

Translator: Janny Chow

English Proficiency Editor: Ky Ly


The deity of today's homa is Namo Fundamental Teacher Shakyamuni Buddha.


Why do we call him ''Namo Fundamental Teacher Shakyamuni Buddha, Namo Manifestation Body Shakyamuni Buddha, Namo Ucchusma the Great Sovereign DivineKing Buddha?'' This is because Ucchusma, the Great Sovereign Divine KingBuddha, is a transformation from the rotation of Shakyamuni Buddha's left heart chamber.


This is a very unique deity. His mudra is kind of special and quite complicated. You have to learn his mudra. His mantra is: ''Om, ju-lu, du-lan,hum, re.''


It was at the Madison Square Garden in New York when I was transmitting the teaching of this deity. That was incredible! The rent at Madison Square Garden is very expensive. No other dharma teacher has held any dharma ceremony in the Madison Square Garden! New York Diamond Temple was the organizer of the event.


We have here a tangka of Ucchusma in front of us showing his image.There is also a statue of him on the desk. He is blue and very majestic. He has three faces, eight arms, and nine eyes. Everyone take note of what he is holding in his hand.


I have said before why Ucchusma the Great Sovereign Divine King Buddha is known as the Vajra Purifying the Unclean. He himself has a sutra called Ucchusma Vajra Sutra. He is mentioned in the Shurangama Sutra as well as in the Wisdom King Sutra. Ucchusma can eradicate illnesses, pacify disasters, helpearn love and respect from others, prevent accidents from happening, conquerand subjugate many enemies, stop all evil and wicked ghosts and demons from attacking, and consume all uncleansed filth.


In general, if you have not taken a bath, brushed your teeth, or washed your face, you would feel unclean to invoke buddhas to descend. But if you invoke Ucchusma, he does not mind as he can eat up all the filth in your body.Due to this fact, the Japanese have a strange tradition of enshrining Ucchusma in their restrooms to cleanse the filth within. But, I feel that it is kind of disrespectful to enshrine him inside a restroom, so we will not do that.


When you practice the Ucchusma sadhana, you have to chant ''Namo Fundamental Teacher Shakyamuni Buddha, Namo Manifestation Body Shakyamuni Buddha, Namo Ucchusma the Great Sovereign Divine King Buddha'' ten times for itto be effective. If you achieve yogic responses from this deity, you will not be afraid of anything unclean. You will not be afraid of noxious energy at funerals or celebrations. You can visit mortuaries, hospitals, or cemeteries.

Also, if you always give births to daughters, and you want to have ason, then practicing his sadhana will be most effective as he has vigorous yangenergy. This is my most important point of this dharma talk on Ucchusma.

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