The identity of this deity is very special. In fact, he has many identities. In Buddhism, the original land of Mahakala is referred to as ''Ksetra.'' In other words, regarding his root, the legends are not consistent. Some refer to Mahakala as ''Vairocana's'' incarnation; some, as ''Mahesvara's'' (Shiva, Hinduism's ''God of Destruction'') incarnation; and some, as ''Quanyin Bodhisattva's'' incarnation. In Hinduism, Mahakala is referred to as the incarnation of Lord Shiva, who is also ''Mahesvara,'' the ''God of Destruction.'' Whereras Japanese Esoteric Buddhism refers to this deity, Mahakala, as one of the ''Seven Rich Gods,'' or one of the seven fortune gods. Most kitchens in restaurants enshrine and worship Mahakala. He is also the Kitchen God. In Tibet, Mahakala is the commander of ''Sitavana.'' That is, he is the ''God of Cemeteries'' where all cemeteries belong under his control.

Mahakala is the commander of the cemeteries, where all things underneath the temple belong under his control. Isn't everything underneath the temple a graveyard? He is not only the cemeteries' commander, but he is also in charge of guarding dharma as a dharma protector. Being able to receive the empowerment of this deity is very rare (Audience applauds.) Sometime ago, H.E. Dezhung Rinpoche once told me, ''If one has never received the empowerment of this deity, one can't form the other mudra, neither can one make all spirits and ghosts work for oneself.'' You need to understand the background of this deity. He is the commander of cemeteries and a great dharma protector of Tibet. How incredible is his ability? Don't underestimate him as only being the cemeteries' commander. All invisible spirits and ghosts belong under his control (Audience applauds.) He can call upon all spirits and ghosts. All masters that have not received the empowerment can't form this mudra; neither can they call upon spirits and ghosts. What kind of mudra is it? This mudra is not the back of the palms facing each other. That is a common mudra. There is another special mudra that I am going to teach everyone. Take a good look (Grand Master is showing the mudra!) This mudra is to interlace the fingers inward, straighten pinky and ring fingers, then separate the pinky fingers from the ring fingers. Also keep the ring fingers apart from each other while keeping the pinky fingers apart from each other as well. Have the thumbs side by side touch each other. Rub the two hands back and forth three times and chant ''Mahakala commands.'' All spirits and ghosts will come together (Audience applauds.) Those who have not recieved Mahakala's empowerment can't form this mudra. I am referring to masters, senior reverends, reverends, and dharma promotion personnel such as dharma instructors, dharma assistants, and abbots. This mudra is very confidential.

Mahakala himself likes cold weather. Mahakala will find it unbearable in 30 degrees Fahrenheit from the hot sun. He is the commander of spirits and ghosts in the dank underworld. When invoking spirits and ghosts, you want to invite him as well. The day that a Mahakala homa is performed will eventually create an overcast sky.

Do you know what is ''Da Hei Tian (Mahakala in Chinese and it means big dark sky)?'' That is, a sunny day can change to a dark day. It is only 4:30 PM. Look! The sky has turned dark now, so it has to be the spiritual response of Mahakala and nothing else (Audience applauds.) This deity has mighty dharma power. If one can form the mudra and rub both hands, all spirits and ghosts will come. When rubbing, which fingers rub aganist each other? It is the thumbs that are rubbing three times. This practice has immense power. All spirits and ghosts will have to listen to Mahakala.

We have been introducing Mahakala. This deity can have two, six, eight, or many arms. His formidable dharma power is infinite. You can practice Mahakala as your dharma protector, fortune god, or kitchen god of a restaurant; just practice this deity. All who received the empowerment can form the mudra.

!!Please be aware that before anyone can practice the above uncommon dharma practices, it is advised and recommended that they take refuge and the respective empowerment; alternatively one must face inherent resulting cause and effect!!

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