Today, we practiced Locani's Homa. She is the principal deity of Wisdom and also the True Buddha School's principal deity of Wisdom. Vairocana - Locani - Amitabha - Padmakumara is our wisdom lineage transmission from the void. (applause) The background of this deity is from Pervasive Knowledge Court and Shakya Court of Womb Realm. What is Pervasive Knowledge Court? Among the buddha names is ''One of Proper and Pervasive Knowledge'' which means ''omniscient.'' Locani is ''One of Proper and Pervasive Knowledge,'' a Buddha. ''One of Proper and Pervasive Knowledge'' is a Buddha. Locani is also a buddha because she is from the Pervasive Knowledge Court. Locani appears in the Shakya Court, which is the main palace of Shakyamuni.

The mudra Locani forms is the Wisdom Fist Mudra of Vairocana. Therefore we can also form this Wisdom Fist Mudra when practicing the sadhana. To form the basic Locani mudra, one first forms the Vajra Mudra, then makes two circles with the thumbs and the index fingers to resemble two eyes.

There was no earthquake just now, nor did I move or touch anything, but you can see that two eyes dropped off the table. When I pick them up, as you can see, these are two stone eyes. (laughter, applause) When did we get this table? It's very durable looking which proves that two stones dropping off from it just now is a sign that Locani has descended. I did not touch the table and the table is very strong and well made. And yet two stones just dropped off by themselves without me touching them, which mean they are the two eyes. The two eyes of Locani transform into Maha Twin Lotus Ponds and Padmakumara transforms from the eyes of Locani. (applause)

It says in the sutras that countless buddhas are originated from the two eyes of Locani. (applause) The two stones dropping off the table is a real and authentic spiritual resonance. I didn't tell these two stones to drop off the table, they just dropped off by themselves. This proves the two stones are the two eyes of Locani (applause) who is equivalent to a buddha. If one has spiritual union with Locani one is certain to be reborn in Maha Twin Lotus Ponds. In addition, everything one prays for, such as calamity eradication, enrichment, subjugation, love and respect, will be completely fulfilled. Spiritual union with Locani will not only fulfill mundane dharmas but also transcendental dharmas. (applause)

Translated by TBTTs (Only those sections of the article which are relevant to Buddha Locani)
Translator: DJ Chang
English Proficiency Editor: Henry Wolf

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