Feb. 11, 2017《Living Buddha Lian-sheng Dharma Discourse》Debut Transmission of Cakrasamvara Practice

< On Feb. 11, 2017, at Taiwan Lei Tsang Temple, Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu delivered a discourse at a fire ceremony dedicated to Cakrasamvara>

Shimu Master Lianxiang just mentioned that a disciple won first prize in the lottery. I'm not going to reveal his name, however, because many masters will try to look him up and so will people building temples. The disciple won the lottery jackpot on the 9th day of the Lunar New Year, which is the same day we were at Emperor Temple. Goodness! It was the birthday of the Jade Emperor, the 9th day of the Lunar New Year. The disciple won first prize in the lottery on that very day. And I'm telling you that disciples will continue to win the lottery. Shimu and I haven't seen the winner. We don't know who he is and I'm not going to reveal his nationality. We received a letter from a ''Lotus Disciple'' saying he had won first prize in the lottery, the jackpot. There will be more winners among our disciples, as I just stated. I'm so happy, and in fact Red Jambhala, Ganapati, had previously informed me that a disciple would win first prize in the lottery. It turned out that a disciple did actually win.

Thank heavens and earth! The heavens have blessed our people. The heavens have helped us out. For example, there were many signs today as I was transmitting Cakrasamvara Dharma, such as six great shakings. Despite there being six great shakings nothing was damaged. It's actually been a safe day, although quite chilly. I heard that the coldest days of the year in Taiwan would be today and tomorrow.

There will be a major ceremony for Mahottara tomorrow at Linkou Stadium which everyone should attend. Mahottara's mantra is: ''Om。bie-zha。zhuo-da。Ma-ha-seh。xi-li。he-ru-ka。hum-pei。'' This mantra is capable of healing sicknesses. During the ceremony at Linkou Stadium tomorrow, just press on the sick part of your body while you recite the mantra. If the sickness is in an area one can't reach, just visualize that area instead.

Rev. Liancheng of Xingshan Chapter in Hong Kong, who is from Vancouver, had growths in her neck, arm, and other regions as well. She said that although her body had four problem areas she only had two hands. She pressed her neck with one hand and her shoulder with the other. She then visualized another problem area. Her neck was cured, her shoulder was cured, and the other area she visualized was also cured. The only illness which couldn't be cured was in a place Rev. Liancheng couldn't touch with her hands or visualize. Tomorrow at Linkou Stadium one can treat one's sickness by reciting the Mahottara mantra: ''Om。bie-zha。zhuo-da。Ma-ha-seh。xi-li。he-ru-ka。hum-pei。''

Today's deity, Cakrasamvara, has a very short mantra: ''Om。 seh。 ha-ha。 hum-hum-pei。'' Cakrasamvara and Vajravarahi are together. Cakrasamvara's mudra is the Embracing Mudra. One's hands form crossed fists which are held in front of the chest. Vajravarahi is between Cakrasamvara's crossed fists and Cakrasamvara's chest. When one practices Cakrasamvara and Vajravarahi together, the mantra is different: ''Om。 hai-ha-en-da-ruo-he。hum-hum.pei。'' This is the mantra one uses when practicing Cakrasamvara and Vajravarahi together. Cakrasamvara's image shows him forming the Embracing Mudra which is identical to Vajrasattva's mudra. The two hands are formed into fists which are crossed and held in front of one's chest. Cakrasamvara's mantra is: ''Om。seh。ha-ha。 hum-hum-pei。''

One visualizes a blue ''hum'' syllable appearing within a sun disc in the center of a multi-colored lotus. The ''hum'' syllable transforms into Cakrasamvara with a blue body, one face, two arms, and three eyes. He is in wrathful form with exposed fangs. He holds a vajra bell and a vajra sceptre respectively in his hands while embracing Vajravarahi. His hair is adorned with crossed vajra sceptres. A new moon appears at his left side. One can easily recognize Cakrasamvara because of Vajravarahi. Vajravarahi is red in color whereas Cakrasamvara is blue. In my room at the True Buddha Tantric Quarter in Seattle, USA, I have a drawing of Cakrasamvara and Vajravarahi. It was painted and offered to me by Ms. Elizabeth of Indonesia. It's a large and majestic oil painting. Cakrasamvara wears a five-skull crown and fifty fresh human heads around his neck, that is, he has a necklace made of fifty human heads. Today, Grandmaster is also wearing a necklace. It is white in color. His necklace has fifty human heads. Cakrasamvara wears a tiger skin skirt. Generally speaking, all Vidyarajas wear a tiger skin skirt. His right leg is extended while his left leg is bent and he tramples on the celestial beings Fearsome King and Nighttime Mother.

As for Vajravarahi, she is red with one face, two arms, and three eyes. Her hair is loose and she is naked. Her left arm is around the principal deity while she holds a kapala in her left hand. Her right hand forms the Tarjani Mudra while holding a kartika. Cakrasamvara is adorned with necklaces made of skulls, jade, pearls, and bones. He wears a necklace made of fifty human skulls and a tiger skin skirt. His mantra is ''Om。seh。ha-ha。 hum-hum-pei。''
The mantra of Cakrasamvara and Vajravarahi together is ''Om。 hai-ha-en-da-ruo-he。hum-hum。 pei。'' One recites the long mantra when cultivating Cakrasamvara and Vajrayogini together. At this moment, one visualizes blue light. One may either visualize oneself transforming into Cakrasamvara or visualize Cakrasamvara transforming in empty space. If visualizing Cakrasamvara transforming in empty space one visualizes Cakrasamvara's light entering one's heart. The practitioner then transforms into Cakrasamvara embracing Vajravarahi and enters samadhi.

The essential elements are mantra, mudra, and image. For visualization, one may refer to the very large Cakrasamvara thangka above today's homa fire, which everyone can see. One can use either the painted image or the statue for visualization. This is important.

Following is the simplified Cakrasamvara Sadhana. Regardless of the deity practiced, all sadhanas should include the seven preliminary steps: Great Homage With Visualization, Mandala Offering, Fourfold Refuge, Four Immeasurable Vows, Repentance and Armor Protection. In addition, there is recitation of a sutra and the main practice. Although sadhanas include recitation of a sutra, since Cakrasamvara has the mantra and the vajra verse, one may recite a sutra if one is able. In the main practice one forms the mudra and visualizes followed by reciting the mantra, entering samadhi, exiting samadhi and recitation of the praise verse. The following praise verse is different from the praise verse in Cakrasamvara Practice in my earlier book:
Daka Heruka,
A principal Vajra
With compassionate Vajravarahi
Practitioner pays homage to
Dakas and Dakinis
Abiding in the five holy places
Gathering in the charnel grounds
Practitioner pays homage to all

Following is the original praise verse included in the book:
Supreme bliss is still emptiness
Possessing the essential nature of the Three Realms
Wisdom and light in unification
I pay homage to Cakrasamvara

Cakrasamvara is the primary deity of the Kagyu School. The primary deities of the other Tibetan sects are respectively Hevajra, the Sakya School; Cakrasamvara, the Kagyu School;. Mahottara, the Nyingma School; and Yamantaka, the Gelug School. Kalachakra is a primary deity of all the schools, that is, Kalachakra is equally revered by the Nyingma, Kagyu, Sakya, and Gelug sects. There is also Guhyasamaja who is cultivated by many sects. Cakrasamvara is actually also practiced in the Sakya School. After all, who advocated the Sakya school? It was the Mongolian Imperial Preceptor, Phagpa. Besides Hevajra, Cakrasamvara can be practiced as well.

Cakrasamvara belongs to the KIng of the Mother Tantras. Mother Tantra refers to wisdom. What about Father Tantra? There is the Mother Tantra and the Father Tantra. Cakrasamvara is in the Mother Tantra, which is wisdom. The Father Tantra is expedient means. The buddhadharma has two aspects. One aspect is expedient means and the other is wisdom or ''prajna.'' What we are discussing here is prajna. In Tibetan ''bie-zha'' means prajna, which is wisdom.

Without expedient means, wisdom cannot manifest. Wisdom is originally within emptiness. Expedient means enables one to manifest the wisdom one has realized. The cultivation of qi, channels, and drops is therefore expedient means. Using the mouth to recite a mantra, the mind to visualize, and the body to form a mudra are Vajrayana means of cultivation. A sadhana is entirely expedient means. Wisdom is generated through expedient means. After cultivating to a certain level, one manifests wisdom. In other words, after accomplishment in cultivation of the deity, one's first attainment is ''unhindered in the three realms.'' What are the three realms? The Formless Realm, the Form Realm, and the Desire Realm. ''Unhindered'' means one is able to come and go freely in the three realms. Upon attainment of spiritual union with Cakrasamvara, one can invoke the celestial dragons of the eight sections or any deity in the heavens. Whatever heaven or celestial dragons of the eight sections one wishes to invoke, one is able to invite them to descend. On a day like today, the coldest day of the year with so-called ''six great shakings,'' one is able to invoke them to descend. Upon attainment of spiritual union with Cakrasamvara one is able to invoke all the dakinis.

Grandmaster is free. As I have often mentioned there is a time when Shimu cannot watch me. That time is when I'm sleeping. Shimu can't watch me when I'm sleeping. I can ascend to heaven, be with the dakinis, and spend a night that is happy, graceful, sweet, and utterly indescribable. I cherish this time of freedom. This is why I sleep a lot. It's truly a time of complete happiness and neverending joyfulness.

Upon accomplishment of spiritual union through Cakrasamvara practice, one is able to divine the karma of seven lifetimes. Because of this ability one cannot be harmed by any heaven, not to mention ghosts or humans. None of these are able to harm one.

In the past I have stated upon this dharma seat that there is a ghost witch among us who cultivates ghosts. I told the ghosts, ''Do not bully and abuse my virtuous disciples. If you are looking for trouble come to find me.'' Wow! The number of ghosts cultivated by the ghost witch is enormous beyond counting. Since the night her ghosts entered my humble home at South Mountain Retreat, they have never returned regardless of how many times I have called them to come back. I never thought ghosts would carry out a night attack. During the night while I was asleep, millions and millions of her ghosts came looking for me. At 3:00 am, the ghost ringleaders showed up with all their ghost soldiers. I woke up and exclaimed ''Ah!'' My mouth opened and Mahabala came flying out. In addition, there was Acala with whom I set my protective boundary of all sides. Mahabala and Acala transformed into as many of themselves as there were ghosts and battled the ghosts for 20 minutes. With their tremendous power, Mahabala and Acala killed millions and millions of ghosts until finally there were none left. Now, even though I call out to the ghosts, they don't dare come back. I've called out to challenge these ghosts from my dharma seat many times, but it was Dark-faced Golden Mother who finally vanquished them. It wasn't over though. The ghost witch invoked the ghosts again but this time her power was diminished. Since ghost witch is lame, we can now call her ''lame ghost witch.'' Really, absolutely, the ghost witch was physically injured. She definitely got injured and had to go see a doctor. What hospital did she go to? She went to a women and children's specialist not a women and children's hospital. She went to see a doctor in a hospital in Zhongli. In short, she went to see a doctor in a hospital.

Actually, I feel sorry for her. The ghosts she cultivated were all removed. Although she invoked more ghosts later these ghosts were not as powerful as the previous ghosts. Since the newly invoked ghosts were far less powerful than the previous ghosts, they didn't dare come at me. Now I dare to call out even more loudly, ''Be brave and don't run away. Come find me if you are looking for someone!''

I don't fear heaven or ghosts. The only thing I fear is a beautiful woman. Since Legislator Xu Shuhua is beautiful, I am afraid of her. I always keep my distance from her whenever she asks me something. What does she ask me about? ''Don't worry. You will definitely get elected.'' I told her, ''You will win. I guarantee it. Absolutely no problem.'' I looked at her qi. Her qi was righteous. She is delicate and elegant. Being righteous and elegant she was certain to win. I told many other legislators that they would win their election and indeed they all won.

There's a case of Ms. Hong Ciyong of New Power Party. She asked me on the 6th floor, ''Will I be elected legislator?'' I told her ''You will be elected. You will certainly, definitely win.'' If I had said to her, ''You will need to continue working hard,'' that wouldn't be a guarantee. Grandmaster won't say ''You will lose'' because Grandmaster likes to be polite. I would definitely just say ''Keep up the hard work.'' One must listen to the sound of my voice. One can tell by the ending sound. ''Oh! I am still missing a dot...'' Why is there a dot missing? Because you are only ''da [great] '' not ''tai [terrific].'' [In Chinese characters] The difference between ''tai'' and ''da'' is that ''tai'' is ''da'' with the addition of a dot. The Chinese character ''da'' does not have this dot. The ghost witch is only ''da.'' In other words she's missing a dot. With the addition of the dot, ''da'' changes to ''tai.'' Grandmaster is ''tai.'' The ghost witch however is only ''da.'' Look, Grandmaster announced that a TBS disciple would win the lottery jackpot. Last time I announced once again that there will be a jackpot winner. Did you know the jackpot was NT$3 billion? How much is it this time? NT$800 million. Someone said NT$800 million. The last drawing was NT$3 billion with four winners. One of the four winners was a TBS disciple. This time I again announced that there would be a jackpot winner. As you can see, on the 9th day of the Lunar New Year, was when? A week ago? Exactly a week ago. On the 9th day of this Lunar New Year, a disciple won the jackpot. Grandmaster Lu would never tell a lie.

Together with her parents, Legislator Hong Ciyong came up to the 6th floor for a consultation as to whether she would get elected to the legislature. I said she would get elected and she did indeed get elected. Xu Shuhua also asked ''Will I win?'' I told her she would get elected and indeed she did. Xu Shuhua was very confident, ''I will definitely win.'' Coincidentally, they both asked me. I told them ''You will win!'' If they were not going to win I would have said ''You should continue to work hard.'' This means they would not win. Those who cultivate should speak politely. If someone is going to win, tell them right away ''You are going to win.''

Winning the lottery cannot be substituted and neither can cultivation. When Grandmaster discourses, his words are 100% true. They cannot be substituted. If I foretell that one will win, one will win. There are many things that I cannot talk about. If there is something I shouldn't talk about, I won't talk about it. In fact, many people have come to me for spiritual consultation. I just cannot discuss it.

I am telling you that everyone has their own karma. The reason Trump was able to be elected president of the US has to do with cause and effect. Trump is an ordinary, common person who was a businessman, operated a casino, negotiated real estate deals, and earned money by doing business. He was an amateur without any previous experience in politics. Strange! How did he become a president? There is cause and effect at work. If one searches more deeply into his karma and becomes familiar with it, one will be able to understand why Trump became president. I've seen all the videos of Trump together with beautiful girls. I envy him! He was the chairman of beauty pageants! He was surrounded by beauties in bikinis. It's not unusual to see videos of him embracing models on his left and right, four of them! He's holding four models in his right and left hands. His mouth was also busy without a break. A person like this, operating a casino and hugging girls left and right, can of course be a president. How did this cause and effect arise? Certainly there is karma but I can't discuss it here. I can't talk about Trump's karma unless he authorizes me to.

Upon gaining accomplishment in Cakrasamvara Practice, one will know the operation of cause and effect over seven lifetimes. We have a ghost witch who claims to have knowledge of several hundred past and future lifetimes. Upon attainment of spiritual union with Cakrasamvara one only gains knowledge of seven past and future lifetimes. Wow! She is able to?Ghost witch is just ''painting tigers and orchids,'' which means it's just a lot of BS. One shouldn't arbitrarily believe other people.

The ghost witch ''divined'' that Master Lianning was Grandmaster's son. By saying Master Lianning was Grandmaster's son in a previous lifetime the ghost witch was discussing cause and effect. She claimed that TBS successor Master Lianning planned to take over Grandmaster's position before it was his time to do so. According to ghost witch, because Grandmaster at the age of 73 is quite healthy and still on the dharma seat without showing signs of stepping down anytime soon, Master Lianning beat him up. Ghost witch, what is your problem? Are you having difficulty with your observation of cause and effect? How could you say that Master Lianning beat up Grandmaster? If he did actually hit me I would hit him back three times with my staff and cancel his successor position. I may be old but I still practice martial arts. Hitting me wouldn't be that easy because I move about quickly. The ghost witch is just spinning a web of lies and people actually believe her. It's really?

By attaining spiritual union with Cakrasamvara one can gain knowledge of seven past and seven future lifetimes. Grandmaster has attained spiritual union with Jade Pond Golden Mother. There are some members of Jade Emperor Temple here today, quite a few members, as everyone knows. At Jade Emperor Temple I attained spiritual union with Jade Pond Golden Mother and she opened my deva eye. I then spent the entire night touring the celestial realms and the netherworld. I am telling you the absolute, honest truth. The members of Jade Emperor Temple witnessed this. While Jiosang was at Jade Emperor Temple serving as a medium between the living and the dead I met Jade Pond Golden Mother at Jade Emperor Temple and she opened my deva eye. How many years ago did I write about this in a book? At the age of 26 I started to write. When I was talking about Padmakumara back then ghost witch must have still been drinking milk from a bottle. She may have been somewhat older than that. There's no way ghost witch could be a Padmakumara, it would be too soon. Her senior is sitting right here. I have eaten more salt than she has rice. Right? Is that correct?

As for the couples I just married here today, although they weren't born on the same date they may wish to die on the same date. This is how sworn brothers or sisters are. In the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, when Liu, Guan, and Zhang swore to be brothers they swore, ''Though we were not born on the same day, month, and year, we hope we will die on the same day, month, and year.'' When a married couple gets old it's best for them to leave this world together. When Grandmaster attains buddhahood everyone will also attain buddhahood together with him, right? As Buddhists we should not be selfish and become a buddha for ourselves only. Don't just attain enlightenment yourself and ignore others. One must save sentient beings universally. Everyone has the buddha nature. Everyone should attain buddhahood together, go to the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss together, and be happy together.

Someone reported to Master Liantai (formerly Master Chengzu), who is head of the Federation of True Buddha Schools Malaysia, that there were many incidents of suicide, mental derangement, and insomnia which suddenly occurred at temples visited by ghost witch. These incidents took place following her visits. When I was having dinner with disciples of Chan Fat Chun Chang Hung Temple in Panama, Master Lianyen and Master Lianxi mentioned that incidents of mental derangement and insomnia had also occurred at their temples. These incidents are the result of ghost witch making offerings to ghosts. She sacrificed other people for her personal benefit. Grandmaster would not behave like this. If one wants to benefit oneself, one must also benefit all sentient beings. We who cultivate Buddhism say ''One who benefits oneself must benefit others. One who is enlightened must enlighten others.'' When one reaches enlightenment one must help others attain enlightenment.'' It's wrong to just benefit oneself while caring nothing about whether other people live or die. When one has benefitted one must then be of benefit to others. Therefore, do not harm the virtuous disciples of TBS.

Cultivation of Cakrasamvara dharma brings a great many benefits. If even devas are unable to harm one, how could ghosts or humans? If one wants to live, one lives. If one wants to die, one dies. This is self-mastery of birth and death. One can make oneself invisible. By accomplishing this practice one obtains a vajra body, which is to say, one is equipped with tremendous power.

Grandmaster has been practicing Buddhism for a long time. I have a cousin who is about what, 20? On one occasion, thinking I was much older than him, he challenged me to an arm wrestling match. He thought he would get my arm down on the first try. At that time he was an auto mechanic, which requires a lot of physical strength. It takes great strength to be a ''greasy hand.'' He challenged me to an arm wrestling match. I was laughing inside and didn't say anything. I extended my arm to wrestle with him. My arm did not move. No matter how much force he exerted, my arm didn't go down. ''Have you used up all your strength yet?'' I asked. ''It's gone.'' he replied. Pa! I forced him down. I have a vajra body which has great strength! Grandmaster once removed his clothes. The former Minister of the Council of Agriculture Executive Yuan said ''At 70, Grandmaster still has this kind of physique. Incredible!'' Grandmaster is a person who has been practicing. He has an indestructible vajra body. It's not just my four limbs that I exercise! Let me tell you! I will never leak! I'm telling the truth. If something isn't true, I'll say it isn't true. Shimu can attest to that (Shimu, ''Right! ''). I don't leak semen and I haven't since I was 40. Upon attainment of spiritual union one will experience the phenomenon of the vajra indestructible body. One will have a vajra body!

Thieves and evil beasts cannot harm one and neither can the five elements, gold, wood, water, fire, and earth. If one encounters the plague, the plague will retreat. One can travel through space, water, and fire, and ascend to Akanishta Heaven or even higher. Who is in Akanishta? Shakyamuni Buddha is there discoursing the dharma.

What about the five elements? The five elements, gold, wood, water, fire, and earth, cannot harm one. One is able to enter into fire or water. There is a method for this. Cakrasamvara has a practice for avoiding fire. What is the fire-avoiding formula? Do you know the fire-avoiding key formula? Our five fingers represent gold, wood, fire, water, earth. How to designate them? Earth (little finger), water (ring finger), fire (middle finger), wind (index finger) and space (the thumb.) One bends the middle finger which represents fire! This is called the fire-avoiding formula. One presses down the fire-avoiding mudra and recites the fire-avoiding mantra. Then visualize the fire dispersing to two sides and the environment cooling down. When rushing through the fire one will not get burned. This is called the fire-avoiding key formula and is a practice in Vajrayana. There is also the water-avoiding formula where one presses down this finger (the ring finger) and recites the water-avoiding mantra. I can't give out the mantra because if I recite it everyone listening on the internet will hear it and the divine secret will be revealed. So, there is the fire-avoiding formula and the water-avoiding formula. One presses down the right finger. I have only taught you the mudra. This is the water-avoiding mudra and this is the fire-avoiding mudra. Earth (little finger), water (ring finger), fire (middle finger) wind (index finger), and space (the thumb.) There are five mudras. By forming the mudra and reciting the mantra one can escape injury.

In the Houlong Township Iron Sheet Building incident, nine True Buddha School disciples were killed. Why did they die? Grandmaster's TBS disciples should not die, so why did they die? Because they chose to follow persons other than Grandmaster. Who were those other persons? They were disciples of ghost witch. One of the ghost witch disciples was named Liu and the other was named Jin. Liu and Jin went off on their own. Ghost witch also went off on her own. Grandmaster was just a pretense. Actually, I knew what was going to happen that night. When the dharma ceremony was over I sang a fire song. On the night the Houlong Iron Sheet Building caught on fire the nine disciples who burned to death were following ghost witch disciples Liu and Jin. All nine disciples had lost the lineage. Even if I had been at the scene I couldn't have rescued them. This was a grave calamity for the TBS disciples. I couldn't save them because they had left TBS and were following ghost witch disciples Liu and Jin. Otherwise, I might have been able to rescue them by telling the fire god to leave, ''You leave here.'' They say these nine people went to heaven but that's only to make people feel better.

What else? Plague can be dispersed; one is able to travel through air, water and fire; one can ascend to Akanishta or even higher; one has the ability to transform; one's lifespan will be lengthy; one can attain buddhahood. Really! One will be able to transform, have longevity, and attain buddhahood. There are so many benefits from cultivating Cakrasamvara. If one wants to attain spiritual union with Cakrasamvara one must frequently recite his mantra. Cakrasamvara is one of the Five Great Herukas. Grandmaster cultivated Hevajra and attained spiritual union with Hevajra. Grandmaster just invoked Cakrasamvara and Cakrasamvara descended.

I did not learn Cakrasamvara Dharma from the 16th Karmapa although I did learn it at the Wheel of Cakrasamvara. In the US there is a place called Meadow Mountain in the city of Woodstock, NY, and on Meadow Mountain there is a motel. Layman C. T. Chen bought this motel for the 16th Karmapa who converted it into Karma Triyana Dharmachakra (KTD). The arrangement of the altar inside KTD is entirely the chakra of Cakrasamvara, that is, the Dharma Wheel of Cakrasamvara is located there. The dharma seat of Chakrasamvara is in this motel. The motel has been converted into the Wheel of Cakrasamvara. It is a dharma platform. By that I mean the dharma platform of Cakrasamvara is equivalent to a temple.

When I was first starting out I asked the 16th Karmapa to transmit Cakrasamvara Dharma to me. However, the 16th Karmapa instead told his disciple who was living at KTD, Lama Eba from Bhutan, to transmit the Cakrasamvara Dharma to me right away. I met with Lama Eba several times and received the Cakrasamvara transmission. One could say that Bhutan is the sacred home base of the Kagyu Sect. Most of the Kagyu Sect is located in Bhutan. This is how Grandmaster received the lineage transmission of Cakrasamvara. I have also attained spiritual union with Jade Pond Golden Mother and Amitabha Buddha.

Who is connected to Cakrasamvara? Some say that on a thangka Vairocana Buddha is positioned above Cakrasamvara whereas others say Akshobhya Buddha is above Cakrasamvara. Still others say Amitabha is positioned above Cakrasamvara. Generally speaking, of these three Buddhas, thangkas showing Akshobhya Buddha are seen more often. Regardless of which deity is shown they all have the lineage. In Cakrasamvara's mantra, ''Om。seh。ha-ha。hum-hum-pei,'' one finds Amitabha's seed syllable ''seh.'' Because I have attained spiritual union with Amitabha, when I invoke Cakrasamvara he will, of course, descend. There is a certain phenomenon that occurs when they descend. Grandmaster's ears will move. Both my ears will move continuously.

Will the Kagyu disciple Qizhong who is wearing white robes please come up for a moment? Please recite the prayer of supplication to the Kagyu lineage gurus. Just stay up here and sing it one more time. (Qizhong recites the prayer.) Did you all understand his song? That was the Kagyu prayer of supplication to the lineage gurus with the addition of the praise verse. The song is entirely composed of the names of Kagyu lineage gurus. The first praise is to the holy Indian guru Naropa. The second praise is to the holy guru Marpa. The third praise is to the holy guru Milarepa. The fourth praise is to the holy guru Gampopa. The fifth praise is to the 1st Karmapa, Dusum Khyenpa. The praise continues all the way to the 16th Karmapa. The prayer of supplication is entirely composed of names; Tilopa, Naropa, Marpa, Milarepa, Gampopa, Dusum Khyenpa and on to the 16th Karmapa. The names of the Kagyu lineage gurus along with the praise constitutes the prayer of supplication.

Because Cakrasamvara belongs to the Kagyu Sect, the 16th Karmapa converted an entire motel located on Meadow Mountain in the city of Woodstock, NY. into the Wheel of Cakrasamvara. It is a dharma platform of Cakrasamvara. When visiting there, Grandmaster met the 16th Karmapa and also received Cakrasamvara Dharma from Lama Eba. This is the lineage of the Cakrasamvara transmission.

Anyone who has been to the Phuntsok Podrang of Jigdal Dagchen Sakya in Seattle raise your hand. There are many of you. There is also Sakya Trizin's Drolma Phodrang in India. If you have visited there raise your hand. No one has been there? That's where Sakya Trizin lives and it's called Drolma Phodrang. Phuntsok Podrang is in Seattle, near Ballard. That is the Phuntsok Podrang of Jigdal Dagchen Sakya.

Grandmaster has cultivated and attained spiritual union with Hevajra. By attaining spiritual union with Hevajra, one understands the dharma of the Five Herukas and attains spiritual union with all Five Herukas: Hevajra, Cakrasamvara, Guhyasamaja, Yamantaka and Mahottara. By attaining spiritual union with a Heruka, one attains spiritual union with all five Herukas, including Kalachakra. This is the lineage! Absent the lineage there is no Vajrayana and it is impossible to attain spiritual union. Anyone without lineage who claims to have attained spiritual union with a deity is a fraud. This ''deity'' must be transformed from a ghost. Although one may think one has attained spiritual union with Cakrasamvara, one has only attained spiritual union with a ghost.

Upon seeing Cakrasamvara appear one can recite ''Om。gu-ru。 lian-sheng。sid-dhi。hum。'' If Cakrasamvara does not disappear but actually becomes more distinct and lively, this is proof that one has attained authentic spiritual union. Let's say a Tara appears. For example, Vajravarahi appears. If one recites ''Om。 gu-ru。 lian-sheng。sid-dhi。 hum'' three times and Vajravarahi disappears, it indicates that this Vajravarahi was transformed from a demon for the purpose of tempting you. The demon deceived you by saying ''you have attained spiritual union.''

In Vajrayana lineage is of utmost importance. Therefore, everyone must remember the lineage. The most important thing I have discussed today is lineage. Secondly, Padmasambhava, the patriarch of Padmakumaras, said ''Honor the guru, treasure the dharma, practice diligently.'' When one honors the guru one demonstrates that one's lineage is very stable. If one treasures the dharma one will practice diligently. When one treasures the dharma one will actually practice and reach attainment. Otherwise one's attainment is fake. Without lineage one's attainment is fake. Without honoring the guru one's attainment is fake. Without practicing diligently or treasuring the dharma one is just a complete and total fraud. This point is of utmost importance. Therefore, everyone must attain spiritual union.

Every person receiving empowerment here today will reach attainment if they honor the guru, treasure the dharma, and practice diligently. This goes for every Vajrayana dharma. That's all for today. Thanks everyone!
Om Mani Padme Hum

Translated by True Buddha Translation Team (This translation only includes content pertaining to Cakrasamvara Practice)
Translator: Henry Wolf
Editor: DJ Chang

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