Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu Discourse on Rainbow Light Transformation Practice 

at Taipei Arena on Dec. 11, 2022

(This translation only includes content pertaining to the debut transmission of Rainbow Light Transformation Practice)

Before beginning my discourse, I must pray to Adharma Buddha:

Om, baz-ha, A-dha-r-ma, da-du, so-ha.”

Om, baz-ha, A-dha-r-ma, da-du, so-ha.”

Om, baz-ha, A-dha-r-ma, da-du, so-ha.”

First, let’s pay homage: Supplication to the primordial buddha–Adharma Buddha and Samantabadhra Tathagata. Supplication to the Patriarchs of the Great Perfection and Mahamudra, Baoyi Youth and Baoshang Youth. Supplication to Prahevajra, Vimalamitra, Shri Singha, and Padmasambhava. We pray to the Patriarchs of the Great Perfection and Mahamudra to bless Lian-sheng’s discourse.

I can tell you all that as long as you receive empowerment for the Rainbow Light Transformation Practice, the pinnacle of the nine vehicles, you will be able to transform into rainbow light just as Padmasambhava transformed into rainbow light. Just now, when I was praying and making supplications, Padmasambhava manifested from the void and blessed all sentient beings.

As everyone knows, Padmasambhava is the emanation of the body, speech, and mind of Sakyamuni Buddha, Amitabha Buddha, and Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva. Padmasambhava is, in fact, an emanation of Amitabha Buddha. Padmakumara is also an emanation of Amitabha Buddha.

Today, I feel like singing a song. What should I sing? Today, Padmasambhava re-appears by manifesting from the void, so it’s his birthday! The mundane world can now see Padmasambhava. Today, you are able to see Padmasambhava. Indeed, many of you are able to see Padmasambhava. You can see both Padmakumara and Padmasambhava manifesting together in the void!

For this reason, I feel like singing this birthday song in Indonesian: 

Selamat ulang tahun, kami ucapkan.

Selamat panjang umur, kita kan doakan.

Selamat sejahtera, sihat sentosa.

Selamat panjang umur, dan bahagia.

Thank you everyone!

Next, I want to mention a few important points: 

Our human bodies are a perfect altar. This altar is not outside, nor inside, nor somewhere in-between; originally it was formless. The entirety of space is an altar. This includes, of course, sentient beings, all of whom are altars.

The moment Sakyamuni Buddha attained Buddhahood under the Bodhi tree, he stated: “It turns out that all sentient beings originally have the Buddha-nature.” All sentient beings in the mundane world have the Buddha-nature. After attaining enlightenment, Sakyamuni also stated that he was going to leave the saha world. Why was Sakyamuni going to leave the saha world? It was because he didn’t feel like delivering sentient beings. And why not? Well, have you ever thought about why Sakyamuni, after becoming enlightened, didn’t want to deliver sentient beings and intended to leave the saha world? It was because he knew that all sentient beings will eventually attain Buddhahood! You have never heard this before. In the future, every sentient being in the saha world, every person, even every organism, will attain Buddhahood! 

I can also tell you: “You are the Primordial Buddha, the Pure Dharma-body Buddha.”

Those who learn Buddhism dignify their enjoyment body with Buddhadharma. If, in the mundane world, one creates no evil, and cultivates only goodness, one is the buddha of the emanation body. In fact, the three bodies, Dharma body, enjoyment body, and emanation body are indivisible. These three bodies are one and the same, inseparable.

Later, Mahabrahma, Lord of the Trayastrimsa Heaven, asked the Buddha to stay in the world. While in the saha world, the Buddha discoursed 84,000 dharmas. Of these 84,000 dharmas, the Rainbow Light Transformation Practice, which I will discuss today, is the most important. 

Sakyamuni Buddha taught that there are nine vehicles: the first three are the vehicles of Shravaka, Pratyekabuddha, and Bodhisattva. A Shravaka becomes a holy sage through suffering, arising, quiescence, and path. A Pratyekabuddha accomplishes the path by following the twelvefold causes and conditions. Achieving attainment by following the Six Paramitas is the Bodhisattva vehicle. These are the three vehicles of Sutrayana.

In Vajrayana, the next three vehicles are Action Tantra, Performance Tantra, and Yoga Tantra. These Tantras are followed by Mahayoga, Anuyoga, and Atiyoga. So-called Mahayoga is the Yoga of One Taste. What is Yoga of One Taste? After one has attained spiritual union with one’s personal deity, oneself and the personal deity are one taste, which is absolute, non-dual oneness. One’s speech is mantra. One is the personal deity. One’s positions and movements are mudra. One’s thoughts are identical to those of the personal deity. This is one taste. One’s residence is a palace; all one’s family members are bodhisattvas; one’s friends and relatives, and everyone associated with one are bodhisattvas.

After spiritual union with the personal deity, one’s life, everything, and all sounds one hears are mantras. Every person one encounters is a bodhisattva. One’s thoughts are identical to the thoughts of the personal deity. This is Mahayoga.

Anuyoga comes after spiritual union with the personal deity, and is the cultivation of qi, channels, and light drops. Today, we are discussing the Rainbow Light Transformation Practice, so let me ask you, where does light come from? I’m not talking about that song by Wang Shalang, “Where Does the Wind Come From?”

Where does light come from? Light comes from within one’s body. Vajrayana talks about qi. Padmasambhava said, “What is the best food? It’s qi.” Qi is air. The best food is qi. Humans cannot survive without qi. One relies on a breath of qi. If one cannot draw a breath, one dies. We rely on a breath of qi. Air is extremely important! Concerning “jing, qi, and shen” in Taoism, jing is light drops, Qi is the air transformed from light drops. Light drops are light. Qi is also light.

The first important point is where does the light come from? The light comes from the qi. One draws one’s qi into the central channel. Padmasambhava said: “All merits arise from Treasure Vase Breathing." In Vajrayana, one cultivates Treasure Vase Breathing.---The Upper-body Qi is pressed downward as the Lower-body Qi is lifted. This breath of qi is like two boxes combining to form a vase in the area four finger widths below the navel. At this time, one’s qi gradually enters the central channel. While one is holding the qi, the qi enters the central channel. This is “pressing down, lifting, holding, and dispersing.” While holding, the Upper-body Qi descends and the Lower-body Qi is lifted, becoming Treasure Vase Qi. While qi is held, it enters the central channel. Your central channel, when it is full of qi, is called the “wind channel of light.” At this moment, light is already being produced.

Vajrayana patriarchs emphasize that qi is light, inner fire is light, and light drops are light.

If you are able to use the inner fire you have generated to dissolve the
bodhicitta moon fluid, causing light drops to descend and coalesce, you will be able to open the central channel and the seven chakras in your body. First open the central channel, then the heart chakra. Your original Buddha-nature will then manifest. Your Buddha-nature is light. This is the most important point! Everything I have discussed today is important!

Treasure Vase Qi enables the qi to enter the central channel. When the central channel is completely open and full of qi, this is called, “wind channel of light.” When one mixes the ascending inner fire with the solidified light drops in one’s body, the seven chakras–crown chakra, brow chakra, throat chakra, heart chakra, navel chakra, sacral chakra, and root chakra all open completely.

Each chakra manifests a color. The brow chakra is white light; the throat chakra, red light; the heart chakra, blue light; the navel chakra, yellow light; the secret chakra, green light; the crown chakra, black light; and the root chakra, purple light. When the seven chakras open, they emit light which radiates through all the pores of the body.

What I have been discussing today is the absolute, although the colors aren’t necessarily correct. Every patriarch describes the colors differently. Some of the colors, however, are accurate; the light of the brow chakra is white, the throat chakra, red; and the heart chakra, blue. As for the other lights, every patriarch describes them differently. The three most important lights are om, ah, hum. Om is white light, ah, red light, and hum, blue light.

Shakyamuni Buddha discoursed on the Dharma for 49 years. These 84,000 dharmas are combined into the Thirty-seven Factors of the Path. What was the most important teaching? One absolute vehicle. If there is no small vehicle or great vehicle, can there be a middle vehicle? Hinayana, Middle-yana, Mahayana, Vajrayana; there are nine yanas (vehicles). In the absolute, one vehicle, everything is absolute. Therefore, I will tell you that everyone here will definitely attain Buddhahood. You will all, definitely transform into rainbow light.

In Vajrayana cultivation, the first step is purification of body, speech, and mind. What is meant by purification? Practitioners like meditation the most because meditation and wisdom are the two wings needed for the accomplishment of Buddhahood. When one’s meditation reaches the state of “no thought”, when there are no thoughts, this state is absolute purity.

It is written in my True Buddha Sutra: In cultivation, the key to realizing the Buddha Jewel Sambodhi is a quiescent mind. How does one radiate light? No-thought is light. Remember this key cultivation formula.

The supreme key cultivation formula of the Great Perfection is no-thought. The supreme key cultivation formula of Mahamudra is no-thought. It’s correct that qi, channels, and light drops are light, so are red bodhi and white bodhi. However, in the state of no-thought, one’s entire body transforms into rainbow light. The state of no-thought is difficult to achieve.

Sariputra, Shakyamuni Buddha’s principal disciple, cultivated no-thought. He often meditated alone in the forest or in a cave. From thoughts to the absolute, absolute transforms into emptiness, which is no-thought. It’s written in my True Buddha Sutra: In cultivation, the key to realizing the Buddha Jewel Sambodhi is a quiescent mind. When one reaches the state of no-thought, one’s entire body will radiate light. When cultivating, our conduct is uncontrived-not fake or phony. Padmakumara has never said a word that was fake.

I’m telling the truth when I say: In cultivation, “no-thought” is supreme purification. Therefore, the True Buddha Sutra states: “In cultivation, the key to realizing the Buddha Jewel Sambodhi is a quiescent mind. Externally, one must abide by the precepts. Laypeople abide by the five precepts and ordained Sangha abide by the full precepts.

How do we cultivate? Externally, one abides by Shakyamuni’s precepts. Laypeople abide by the precepts of no killing, no stealing, no sexual misconduct, no lying, and no drinking alcohol. Lay practitioners must abide by the five major precepts: not killing, not stealing, not lying, not drinking alcohol, and not engaging in sexual misconduct.

Ordained Sangha must abide by the full precepts. Monks have 250 precepts; nuns have 500 precepts. Externally, one must abide by the precepts.

Internally, one cultivates qi, channels, and light drops. There are red light drops and white light drops. The red light drops are inner fire and the white light drops are Bodhi Moon Fluid. No-thought is how a practitioner purifies habitual tendencies. By merging meditation and wisdom into no-thought, one naturally purifies habitual tendencies accumulated over long ages. Everyone has the ability to purify habitual tendencies.

Then, there is giving bodhicitta. When Atisa arrived in Sumatra, Indonesia, he paid homage to his great master, Serlingpa. From Serlingpa, Atisa learned bodhicitta-a heart of compassion, and giving. 

In Mahayoga, the main practice is spiritual union with the personal deity. In Anuyoga, one cultivates qi, channels, and light drops. In Atiyoga, one cultivates the state of no-thought; upon reaching this state, one’s body transforms into rainbow light. 

Where does pure light come from? From qi, channels, light drops, and no-thought. No-thought is the most important. Amitofo! Today I am revealing the important key cultivation secrets, the most important of which is no-thought.

Atiyoga has four syllables: trekcho and togal.

Trekcho—I formerly translated this as cessation, stopping, and severing. It is the Chod Practice of Machig Labdron, a practice involving trekcho cessation. In this practice, one offers one’s entire body to the buddhas, bodhisattvas, and Ten Dharma realms. The Chod Practice is called the “body offering practice.” The practice involves cessation and severing. Offering one’s body to the Ten Dharma realms is the practice of severing; this is cultivation of trekcho. This is the Chod practice of Machig Labdron.

What is togal? I translate togal as spontaneous transcending. What is trekcho? Cessation. What is cessation? What does one cease? One ceases one’s thoughts and reaches no-thought. After reaching the state of no-thought, togal suddenly transforms into rainbow light, and one spontaneously transcends to a buddha. 

I just blessed everyone to realize that the saha world is an illusion, a mirage. Many people are confused by wealth, fame, and desire.

My blessing is to make everyone understand and awaken from the saha world. Think about it. What is there to gain from the saha world? The most important words in the Heart Sutra are “nothing to gain”.

While blessing Mr. Han Kuo-yu of Taiwan, I told him, “It’s true that You have memorized the Heart Sutra.” He had indeed memorized the Heart Sutra. I then told Han Kuo-yu, “Do you know? There was nothing gained by memorizing the Heart Sutra.” He replied: ”I don’t get it. That’s too deep.”

I’ll tell you. The highest official, even a president, has not gained anything. Regardless how much money one has, when one gets to heaven, one’s money is in the bank, one’s wife is in the arms of someone else, and siblings are squabbling over his property. What did one gain? Well, one did get into heaven, and one better not go to hell.

I am telling you now that there is not a single thing one can gain. This is nothing to gain. Since you have nothing to gain, is there anything to think about? This is no-thought. I am here today spreading the Dharma to wake everyone up! Don’t be asleep in the saha world. You must wake up!

It’s true. I’m not kidding. Get up out of bed! Wake up! Wake up from the saha world! This is my blessing!

I want you to purify your body, speech, and mind. There are many people who chatter incessantly, and are not pure. They talk about nothing but controversies. One should not engage in gossip but think only about Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha. This is purification and oneness. Why don’t you keep your thoughts on Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha? Keeping your mind on Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha is purification. This is also my blessing!

One must purify the body, speech, and mind. Purification of mind is no-thought. Why does one have thoughts? One has thoughts because one desires something. When free of desire, one will stop thinking. When one is genuinely without thoughts, there are two kinds of state. The first state is enlightenment. The second state is to be already cycling through samsara’s six realms of rebirth. Or, one may be in heaven. This is my second blessing.

My third blessing is to cut off the five poisons: greed, anger, ignorance, doubt, and arrogance. One must cut off greed, anger, and ignorance. Greed is the hell realm, anger is the realm of hungry ghosts, and ignorance is the animal realm. One must cut off the five poisons, greed, anger, ignorance, doubt, and arrogance. This is my third blessing.

By understanding this, you benefit yourself. You should then spread this teaching for the benefit of others. My fourth blessing is to benefit yourself and benefit others.

I, Padmakumara, have come to the saha world to realize my vows. This is my final blessing.

Rainbow Light Transformation Practice—

Where does light come from? It comes from qi, channels, light drops, no-thought, and purification. No-thought is purity. We use wisdom to think things over, and when we understand, we cut off thoughts and transform them into no-thought. When thoughts transform into no-thought, there is light.

The supreme key cultivation formula of the entire Great Perfection and Mahamudra is no-thought. No-thought is supreme enlightenment, namely annutara-samyak-sambodhi. Annutara-samyak-sambodhi is no-thought, namely supreme enlightenment. In the future, every person will experience no-thought, but will be scatterbrained and cycle through the six realms of samsara. Before one passes away, one must understand no-thought, and when the time comes, one’s body will emit light. This light will radiate from one’s body. This is annutara-samyak-sambodhi.

The death of an ordinary person is different from the death of a sage. When a sage dies, they transform into rainbow light and reach attainment by merging into emptiness. When an ordinary person dies, they also end up with no-thought, but they must continue on suffering in the six realms of rebirth. Does everyone clearly understand this?

I am telling everyone today:

One attains Buddhahood through no-thought. Purity of body, speech, and mind is the Dharma jewel. When you take refuge in the True Buddha School, you are the Sangha jewel. Therefore, it is most precious and valuable that we are here listening to a Dharma teaching.

Now you finally understand where light comes from. It is from qi, channels, inner fire, light drops, and no-thought. In the state of no-thought, one’s body transforms into rainbow light.

When you study the technique of meditation, you proceed from many to one, from one to zero, and zero is emptiness. Emptiness is no-thought. No-thought is your original Buddha-nature. The rainbow light transformed from yourself merges into the universe. One is then annutara-samyak-sambodhi! You are the supreme enlightenment. You are always with void. You are the buddha!

Does everyone now understand the Rainbow Light Transformation Practice? Rainbow Light Transformation Practice is entering samadhi, cultivating qi, channels, and light drops, returning to one thought, transforming one thought into no-thought, and no-thought into producing light. This is the Rainbow Light Transformation Practice.

I pray to Padmasambhava, Vimalamitra, Prahevajra, and Shri Singha to bless everyone so that they may understand how to cultivate, master the Rainbow Light Transformation Practice, and reach enlightenment. I pray that in the future, every one of you will transform into a rainbow and attain Buddhahood.

Om Mani Padme Hum.

Translated by TBTTs

Translator: Henry Wolf

Editor: DJ Chang

Proofreader: Shelley Higgins

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