2014 Feb. 22 Dharma Talk - About Amoghapasa and Ambassador Liao's Cultivation Accomplishment

(Translated the dharma talk only relevant to Amoghapasa and Ambassador Liao's cultivation accomplishment)

Today, we have ''Equal Deliverance Vajra - Amoghapasa Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva'' Homa. ''Equal Deliverance'' means equally saving, equally blessing, equally removing hindrances of karma, equally increasing wisdom. All you ask for will be achieved, and all your wishes will come true; it is called ''Bu Kong'' (meaning ''is not empty'' in Chinese).

Earlier we were talking about Mr. Frankie Kao (who was a celebrity in Taiwan and passed away in February 2014). Because of someone's invocation, he attended today's Homa. When he arrived, he was wearing his usual outfit, just like he's ready to sing on the stage. When he's singing, he seemed like to have many accessories, I saw him very clearly during today's Homa. However, he seemed like he did not comb his hair, it's a bit of messy. My biggest impression is his skinny and pointy chin. When he arrived at the precept platform today, I invited him to join the Homa fire. All his hindrances and bad karma were melted and removed by the Homa fire. Then, I asked him to follow Guanyin Bodhisattva; and Guanyin Bodhisattva delivered him to the Pure Buddha Land. I would like to thank Frankie Kao, who is also a VIP, for attending our fire ceremony today, and wish him the best - being able to be reborn in the very happy west Buddha country. Good afternoon, everyone! (Guru said in many different languages) Thank you for coming, next week see you soon.

Amoghapasa Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva has a Vajra name that is called ''Equal Deliverance Vajra''- a very extraordinary Bodhisattva. She has three faces - front, left, and right. She has three heads and four arms. There are three eyes on each face. Of the four arms, one is holding prayer beads, meaning if one chants her name, one will receive Amoghapasa's deliverance; one is holding a lotus flower, meaning lotus birth by transformation; it will extinguish disasters, remove hindrances of karma, and enhance good fortune; one is holding a purifying bottle, meaning the nectar in the purifying bottle can remove bad karma of beings regardless what realm they belong to - the Hell, the Hungry Ghost, or Animal realm; and one is holding a lasso, meaning all wishes can be tied up by the lasso to make wishes come true. The lasso can also deliver you to the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss. In case anyone refuses to go, the lasso can tie you up and send you there. I mentioned before, someone refuses to go to the Western Pure Land because of his girlfriend is not there. However, if Amoghapasa is coming to save you, you will not be able to refuse. Because Amoghapasa will cast the lasso to tie you up; and you will have to go.

Amoghapasa's image is very stately. You also heard Amoghapasa's mantra earlier; and in fact Amoghapasa has many mantras that are very important. The mantra for the Great Mandala Offering and the Mantra of Light are originated from Amoghapasa Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva. Also, above the Amoghapasa Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva is the Amoghasiddhi Buddha, that is why Amoghapasa is very important. It is very strange that during other Guanyin Bodhisattva Homa, there are not too many primary supplicants. However, there are many primary supplicants for today's Amoghapasa Guanyin Bodhisattva Homa. That is because of ''Bu Kong.'' If you are the primary supplicants today, all your wishes will not be empty. There are many relatives of Amoghapasa Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva also joined us today, that includes Amoghasiddhi Buddha. It is inspirational for the artist Frankie Kao to attend today's Homa. He is very smart to accept Amoghapasa's deliverance today. I did a little divination about Frankie Kao earlier; Frankie's next reincarnation was coming back to the Human Realm again and becoming a woman. He was to become a woman, a beautiful woman, who has lots of boyfriends, to pay back all the debt that he owed as a man in the previous life. But now, there's no need to pay back. He's very smart and attended today's ceremony in a hurry. He received the invocation, and entered the homa's fire; quickly purified all his bad karma. And soon, the Equal Deliverance Vajra - Amoghapasa Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, delivered him to the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss.

Today I also want to introduce another person, he is Ambassador Tung Chou Liao. When he was the Director General of the Seattle Taipei Economic Cultural Office (Seattle TECO), he came to the Seattle temple to learn about the True Buddha School. Not long after, he was transferred to Houston TECO, became the Director General of the Houston office. When countries have diplomatic relations, there will be an Ambassador. If countries have no diplomatic relations, there will be representatives. He was also an Ambassador before, therefore, we call him Ambassador Liao. He also met dharma sister Judy at the Seattle temple and they became a married couple. He used to be very busy at the Seattle TECO. Although he came to learn about the True Buddha School, he did not cultivate or practice seriously. Later, he transferred back to Taiwan and took the position of the Secretary General at the Coordination Council for North American Affairs (Taiwan). After he returned to Taiwan, he has a bit more of free time. He started to cultivate every day and did not skip a day. He seriously cultivated. Consequently, he has proven ''non-leakage practice.'' How long has he been returned to Taiwan? Ten months. Just ten months. He seriously cultivates daily; he also practices the Nine Cycle Breathing Exercise and Treasure Vase Breathing Exercise. He received the proof of the ''earth'' - meaning he is strong and firm like a mountain. Not only he has reached non-leakage practice, but also strong like a mountain, and he turns into a very strong young man during each cultivation. During his practice of Nine Cycle Breathing Exercise and Treasure Vase Breathing Exercise, his entire body becomes very firm and sturdy which is the achievement of the ''earth''. The flow of dharma enter into his body from the empty space, therefore, he's as firm as a mountain. His mind also stays steady; his spirit is very concentrated. Because of his energy is very focused during meditation, he is able to see himself sitting in the boundless empty space and a royal blue light emitting from his brow-point (Ajna Chakra). The royal blue light is very beautiful and sublime. Why is he able to see the light? When he is sitting in the boundless empty space with little thoughts, he reaches the state of purification of the speech, purification of the body, and purification of the mind. His spiritual energy is very focus and limitless; therefore, the brilliant bright light naturally appears. Sometimes during this time he can see very beautiful yellow light appearing instead. About each cultivation he is able to know, see and witness especially the royal blue light. If his mind becomes instable and engenders some thoughts, even though he is still in the limitless state during meditation, the light he sees will be motley. Therefore, he is not only proven non-leakage, but also witnesses the light drops. Especially the royal blue light he can see is the clearest, most glamorous and beautiful. His achievement is remarkable, it only took him 10 months; and he can witness the royal blue light, plus strong and firm body. His health is getting better than before. I'm 16 years old, and he is 17 years old. I will let him be the 17 years old; I will stay 16. He can achieve this kind of result because he has been chanting mantra since he started attending the school. Although he did not actually cultivate, he has been simply chanting for 3 years. After returning to Taiwan, he has more free time. Therefore, he is able to witness the True Buddha School's teaching is real and practical. It is not nonsense; it is all real. As long as you actually follow the practice procedure, indeed you will reach spiritual union. True Buddha School teaching is not casual. With his sincerely telling, I know Ambassador Liao's experience is real, his witnesses to non-leakage and firm ''earth'' (strong body), as well as the radiant royal blue light. Every day, after he practices the Nine Cycle Breathing Exercise and Treasure Vase Breathing Exercise, he will meditate, which is very good. Therefore, Ambassador Liao's experience has provided a great evidence and validated the True Buddha School's teaching is real and well worthwhile.

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