When a Disciple Commits Unwholesome Karma, Does the Root Guru Also Know?

(This translation only includes content pertaining to IIP #151 Q-1 and a link to Vajra Sutra Discourse 20)

Asked by Lianhua Lin Meifang from Singapore.

Q1: Prostrate to Root Guru Living Buddha Lian-sheng. Grateful to Grandmaster for answering the disciple's question. As a disciple, I have been reminding myself at all times to visualize the Root Guru above my crown. With Root Guru Living Buddha Lian-sheng above my crown, everything is smooth and auspicious. If I encounter any disasters, Root Guru will also save me. Thus, the behavior of the disciple is very important, isn't it?

From another perspective, if a disciple unintentionally commits an error in their speech or behavior, then does the Root Guru, who sits above the crown, sees and knows everything? Does the disciple drag Root Guru into committing these mistakes as well? Can I ask what happens to the Root Guru in my heart and above my crown? Maybe this sounds laughable or a stupid question? I thank you, very holy Root Guru Living Buddha Lian-sheng, ever so much. 

A1: Question by Lianhua Lin Meifang from Singapore. She said she often visualizes Root Guru above her crown and as such, everything is smooth and auspicious. However, when she commits speech and behaviour karma, does she also drag Root Guru into committing this karma? What she means to ask is that does the Root Guru who sits above her crown know of the transgression? When a disciple commits unwholesome karma, does the Root Guru also know? Does a disciple drag Root Guru together to commit these mistakes? This is the essence of her question. 

Often visualizing Root Guru above the crown...I tell everyone, Grandmaster does not have so many emanations residing above everyone's head. If I can see everything, my head will then become thousands and thousands of heads. Watch what others are doing everyday? That is just not possible. I don't know if you are married. When you are sleeping at night with your husband, am I also above your crown? (Grandmaster laughs) But, let me tell everyone: Grandmaster does indeed have emanations. In an instance, in a split second, I can go anywhere I want. No matter if you are in Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, the United States, Central America, South American, Australia, Europe, or South-east Asia, in an instant, I will be there. 

I have an emanation that stays with one person everyday. I actually live in his heart. Master Lianxiong from the Jingyin Temple in Toronto is here. While building Jingyin Temple, Master Lianxiong told Grandmaster any difficulties whenever he encountered by putting his palms together and praying to Grandmaster, then I manifested beside him, and told him what to do. Master Lianxiong, is this true? (Master Lianxiong stands up and confirms this) Thank you. Please sit down. Immediately, I went and told him how to solve the problem. In no time, he knew the answer and what to do. 

I have another emanation. The one I just mentioned is in Taiwan. About this other emanation, as long as prayed to, I will appear. I can go wherever I want. I also see whose dreams I enter. In the kitchen team, the one dressed in white, situated beside the twin lotus, have I entered your dreams? The pledge between you and I was made in a  dream, yes or no? If it is, say so, loudly. (Disciple from the kitchen team stands up and confirms) Yes, good, please sit down. He works in the kitchen team. He flew from Taiwan to help out with the kitchen team and will return soon. He came because of this pledge. I didn't just call anyone to come.  

Let me tell you a problem. When you have wholesome karma, that is, when you do good deeds, you visualize Grandmaster above your crown. However, when you are committing unwholesome speech karma or wrongdoings that create negative karma, Grandmaster will not reside above your crown even if you invite him. Be at ease, Grandmaster did not see anything at all. However, no matter what, cause and effect is daunting. Everything you do is recorded. What is meant by recorded? Everything is listed down. The karma you commit is recorded. All is documented. 

There is so called recorded karma and unrecorded karma. What is “unrecorded”? Before doing anything, a practitioner who knows practices would first set up a boundary for themselves so that ghosts and gods cannot see inside. This is “unrecorded”. If one is not a practitioner and does not know how to set up boundaries, then it is “recorded” because there are no boundaries. This is the simple explanation. Therefore, when you are committing unwholesome karma, no matter if it is speech or behavior mistakes, Grandmaster is not present nor residing above your crown. This is a simplified answer to your question. This is for Lianhua Meifang from Singapore.

Vajra Sutra Discourse 20 by Living Buddha Lian-sheng on Oct. 2, 2021

Translated by TBTTs

Translator: Angeline Oh

Editors: Simon Chin and DJ Chang

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