There is a buddha, Surupakaya Tathagata, whose transformations are infinite. The physical aspect of beings in the hell realm, the hungry ghost realm, and the animal realm are inferior. The intent and purpose of Surupakaya Tathagata is to restore beings into the subtle body of beings in the heaven realm. So Surupakaya Tathagata takes what is torn apart or incomplete and makes it whole again, and transforms what is complete into something extraordinary and wonderful. Once purified, one can be reborn in the pure land.

Surupakaya Tathagata has several functions. When there is enmity which is impossible to resolve, he has a mantra to resolve it. Just as in the human realm, beings in the hell realm can also be punished with their hands and feet being shackled. The enmity needs to be resolved in order for the punishment to be removed. Thereafter they can be reborn in a better place. What is the reason for this calamity? How is it that these beings ended up in hell, in the hungry ghost realm, or in the animal realm? The ''Ksitigarbha Sutra'' clearly states, ''Beings in Jambudvipa are constantly committing sins through actions and thoughts.'' In reality, these actions and thoughts are all karmic obstacles, which can only be lifted by enmity being resolved.

There are seven buddhas who have numerous methods to bestow upon beings in the netherworld. These methods will transform them into a celestial form that is extraordinarily pure, physically whole, and possessing sufficient merit so that they may ascend to the pure land. This is also the most important meaning of the Yoga Flaming Mouth itself.

Just now Grand Master saw Surupakaya Tathagata radiating the seven treasures light on beings in the netherworld. Many of those beings whose bodies were missing pieces were transformed into solemn and dignified appearance as heavenly beings after Surupakaya Tathagata's seven treasures light radiated on them. These phenomena usually appear in the Yoga Flaming Mouth. I saw Surupakaya Tathagata appear here with beings from all the six realms in front of him. They, the three evil realms of hell, hungry ghosts, and animals, were dark. Surupakaya Tathagata radiated his seven treasures light on all the beings in the three evil realms. As they followed the light and moved directly forward their bodies began to gradually transform into heavenly beings. They were able to ascend to the heavens and to a pure land.

Translated by TBTTs (sections relevant to Surupakaya Tathagata only)
Translator: Cristina Li
Translation Accuracy Editor: DJ Chang
English Proficiency Editor: Henry Wolf

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