Dharma Talk by Living Buddha Lian Sheng on 15/08/96
(Page 100-105)

Let us talk about Bardo Deliverance Yoga again.

A virtuous person (Ordained or otherwise) who has mastered the art of Bardo Deliverance Yoga can help guide any dying person`s soul to the right place.

We may not be so fortunate as to have someone to guide us when we are about to die. Hence we must try our best to gain some knowledge on how to calm our minds or better still to remain in a stage of no thoughts.

If at the final moment of our lives we are still thinking of :

Will my wife remarry after my demise?
Will my son get married soon?
What about my daughter?
How am I going to settle the debt still owed to someone else?
What about the hatred I have towards a certain person?

We will not be reborn in a Pure Land for sure if we are still bothered by these questions.

Our mind must be calm and cool, then our clear light will appear. This in turn will cause the cosmos-consciousness light to radiate - a Yoga known as An Xin Fa Men (The Dharma of remaining in Calmness) in Chinese.

In fact, all schools of Buddhism have advocated that we should let nature take its course, calm our minds and be reborn in a pure land.

Yet there is another yoga known as Guang Yun Qian Shi Fa (Consciousness transference yoga) in which an accomplished yogi/Tantric cultivator can use his own Dharma power to help the dying person to have a rebirth in a pure land.

It is very difficult if not impossible to meet someone who has mastered this skill. - We must have accumulated many lives of good merit before we can come across one of them.

This is how Guang Yun Qian Shi Fa is done.

The accomplished yogi will go to the dying person`s house.

He will use the blue `hum` seed syllabus that he has been cultivating for life to block all other channels except the apex of his crown.

The yogi must blow some air on his fingers first, then he uses his fingers to touch the exit points at the dying person`s eyes, nostrils, navel, anus, and urinary track. By so doing, all these potential exit points for the dying man`s soul will be blocked by the blue `hum` seed syllabus.

In order to carry out this ritual effectively, the cultivator must have certain spirtual power, otherwise it won`t work.

He must move the `hum` seed syllabus from his heart to his fingers before he can effectively block all the exit points. Even the brow-point must be blocked, leaving only the apex of the crown open.

After that the dying man will be reborn in a Buddha land for sure.

But it is very difficult to find a Tantric cultivator who knows Guan Yun Qian Shi Fa.

The late Guru Lian Hua Song Xiong was very lucky. When he was about to die, I was around to use this yoga to help him.

Many people thought he would recover once I had empowered him. The fact was I knew he would die very soon, so I used Guan Yun Qian Shi Fa on him. Using the blue `hum` seed syllabus, I pressed my fingers on all the exit points. Many of my disciples saw what I did. After the ritual, Guru Lian Hua Song Xiong gathered enough strength to get up from his bed and bowed to me.

He was able to do so, because the blue `hum` seed syllabus gave him the strength. He died soon after.

Since his consciousness left his body via the only exit point - the apex of his crown, his rebirth in a Pure land was assured.

Only those who are accomplished cultivators can use Guan Yun Qian Shi Fa to help dying persons.

Of course it is better for us to know Bardo Deliverance Yoga ourselves than to rely on others to tell us what to expect, how to react, have no thoughts?

In conclusion, Bardo deliverance yoga is very useful. It serves as `a guide to the dying persons` - whether they are cultivating Sutrayana or Tantrayana. In Bardo stage, we should not be mesmerized by what we see. If we follow our closest relatives such as our grand parents and parents to where they go, we are sure to be reborn in the hell realm.

The utmost important point to note is `have a calm mind, and pray for the clear light from Buddha/Bodhisattva to come and fetch us.`

That is all for today.
Om Mani Padme Hum

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