Dharma Talk by Living Buddha Lian Sheng on 10/07/96

Someone once asked me this question: `What will happen after you have achieved the so called `Rainbow Light Great Attainment?` As you know, all of us will walk the same path eventually. We will die or enter nirvana (Buddhist term), whether we have achieved Rainbow Light Great Attainment or not.

The only difference is that the achievers will be able to radiate rainbow lights and have full control of their lives. They can decide where they want to go, and how to go there. At the critical moment before death, those who have never done cultivation will be at a loss. Hence those who only think of material wealth, mundane affairs and are busy all day long will not know what to do. I am teaching you `Rainbow Light Great Attainment` so that you won`t be at a loss when you are about to die.

Those who have achieved `Rainbow Light Great Attainment` will radiate rainbow lights above the space over their heads when they are dying. Each time they radiate lights, their bodies will shrink. Eventually even their nails, hair and skin will change into lights and disappear.

Only a magnificent and solemn rainbow appears in the space. This spiritual achievement is known as `Deathless rainbow light body`. It is considered the highest class of death, since nothing remains behind.

What about second class of death? A rainbow will appear from the dead cultivator`s body and extend to space. After shrinking, his body will not disappear. Instead it will crystallize into sarira (relics), a material that is as solid as a Vajra. This is an indication that the dead person has achieved `Rainbow Light Great Attainment`.

Nothing left behind is first class. Body full of sarira is second class. And there was no rainbow in the third class of death - an initial stage of Rainbow Light Great Attainment; instead many round shapes of sarira are found in their remains after cremation. Hence there are many grades of Rainbow Light Great Attainment.

Since the ability to control our destiny is the sole purpose of spiritual cultivation, we must be dead sure where we will be reborn. The ability to write down the place of transmigration is therefore a good confirmation of our spiritual accomplishment. If we are not sure where we will go after death, we are certain to be nothing extraordinary.

A highly acclaimed cultivator`s life element will grow everyday. Take me as an example. By right, my hair should not grow anymore after I have shaved it since it is not receiving any nourishment. It is amazing to note that the hair cut from my head was still thriving and alive if you chant Mantra for it to listen and keep it properly. When my cultivation improves, my hair will grow and multiply.

The Pranja and pure Vijnana that I have cultivated are assimilated to the whole universe. As my Dharma powers grow, so does my hair. Many of my disciples who have collected my hair have witnessed it to multiply. This can be used to confirm my growing Dharma powers.

Apart from being the master of our life, by cultivating Rainbow Light Great Attainment, we can understand the truth of the universe. And as a result, we know the meaning of life and the purpose of being spiritual. We are able to understand such concepts as cosmogony, relativity, consciousness, and absoluteness and transcended them. I believe this is the mission of life that no other material gain can rival.

I understand what is Tai chi, what is nature and eight diagrams. Heaven, earth, thunder, wind, lake, water fire and mountain. I also understand how Tai chi changes into liang-yi (two contrasts), Si-xiang(four parts), Wu-xing (five elements), Liu-he(six directions) , Qi-Zhen (seven stars ) and Ba-gua(eight diagrams). The changes advocated by Taoism in fact are similar to the elements of earth, water, fire and space mentioned in Tantrayana. Hence Taoism is not only a science; it is also a philosophy and mysticism.

After exhaustive research on Pranja and Pure Vijnana, we should be able to recognize their symbols. It would be better still if we practise them, as we will be able to comprehend what paravirvana is.

In the absolute Pranja, we should be able to contemplate on the symbol. And this is so-called enlightenment.

That`s all for today.

Om Mani Padme Hum

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