Dharma Talk by Living Buddha Lian Sheng on 01/07/96

Today I am going to talk about `Rainbow Light Great Attainment` which is the highest spiritual level a Tantric cultivator can aspire to achieve.

To begin with, what is `Rainbow Light Great Attainment`? It can take a long time to explain it.

In form, it is the lights of rainbow. And in abstract, it is the most profound `cosmo-consciousness`. When a Tantric cultivator is able to have unions with the cosmo-consciousness, he is said to have achieved the `Rainbow Light Great Attainment`.

Spiritual cultivation is a big undertaking in life, as all the cultivators can see the transient natures of all the passing events. When a person makes up his mind to do cultivation, he is at the peak of his career. The `Rainbow Light Great Attainment` I am talking about is the spiritual fruit that all cultivators seek - an ordinary human being is able to have a union with the cosmo-consciousness.

First, I would like to briefly explain the difference between `Tantrayana` and `Sutrayana` Buddhisms.

Permit me to use an analogy. Sutrayana is like a classroom where you learn all the theories about Buddhism. And Tantrayana is like a laboratory where you put what you learned in the classroom to experiment.

In short, while Sutrayana stresses the importance of theory, Tantrayana emphasizes the significance of actual practice. Hence the former is like a classroom and the latter a laboratory.

`Rainbow Light Great Attainment` is the highest spiritual level a Tantric cultivator can aspire to achieve.

Upon attainment, many inconceivable events will unfold. The accomplished cultivator will be able to radiate `purified lights`, and bring brightness wherever he goes. If he so wishes, he can even summon help from the mysterious cosmo-consciousness. Many highly competent cultivators are known to have radiated rainbow lights from their bodies, and caused many rainbows to appear in the sky before they departed from this Samsara world.

The Tantra taught by True Buddha School has the same effect. All accomplished cultivators will be able to summon the rainbow and cause strange phenomena to appear in the sky. And they are able to have unions with the cosmo-consciousness also.

Before I began the first lecture on this series of talks on `Rainbow Light Great Attainment`, an unusual Vajrasattva appeared. He was holding a Vajra on his right hand and a bell on his left. When he threw his Vajra into the sky, a huge rainbow light appeared.

It`s my aim to let everyone (cultivator and otherwise) know the true meaning of `pure cultivation`.

As spiritual cultivation is very important in life and a genuine effective way of cultivation is hard to come by, I sincerely hope all of you would treasure this `Rainbow Light Great Attainment`, since it is the most profound Dharma taught by Tantrayana School of Buddhism.

That𠏋 all for today.

Om Mani Padme Hum

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