Oct. 25, 2009 Dharma Discourse - Sitatapatra

Oct. 25, 2009 Dharma King Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu Dharma Discourse on Sitatapatra at Rainbow Temple in Seattle, USA >

(This translation only includes content pertaining to Sitatapatra)

Today, we conducted theSitatapatra Homa ceremony. Like Avalokitesvara, the Tibetan Vajrayana figure ofSitatapatra has one thousand hands and one thousand eyes. But Sitatapatra looksslightly different from Avalokitesvara. What arethe differences? She has a parasol in her left hand andher right hand forms the Fearless mudra. Theyboth have many heads. However Avalokitesvara has eleven heads whereas Sitatapatra has multipletiers of heads, and each tier has one headwith three faces. Those are the differences of the figures.


Sitatapatra was manifested from ShakyamuniBuddha. Once upon a time, there was a war inheaven between Indra and the Asura King. TheAsura King wentto Indra to fight with the God. Indra was defeated, so he ran to Shakyamuni Buddha andappealed to himfor help. Shakyamuni Buddha manifested a Buddha Mother from his crown. The Buddha Mother appeared in a goddess form and was the invincible Sitatapatra. Invincible as nobody can resist the Buddha Mother. She carried a large white parasol in her left hand, and her right hand formed the Fearlessmudra. Many Sitatapatras appeared. At the same time, Shakyamuni Buddha was reciting the heart mantra of Sitatapatra. Once he started chanting,all the Sitatapatras became bold and powerful.They shielded the entire Indra heaven. TheAsura army failed to invade Indra's heaven and retreated.


Because of the mantra and theappearance of Sitatapatra, the Asura King wasforced to withdraw. This wasbecause Shakyamuni Buddha manifested Sitatapatra from his crown, and her parasol shielded the entire Indra heaven. The Asura army wasunable to strike, so they retreated. This is the origin of Sitatapatra. She isa parasolmanifested from the crown of Sakyamuni Buddha witha shielding action over Indra's heaven.


Basically, Sitatapatra's power is insurmountable. She is so insurmountable that she even defeated such a powerful Asura king. Her power is infinite, hence she is called Invincible.


What are the benefits of practicing the Sitatapatra Yogaand Homa? When a country is having a war withanother country, a tantric practitioner canprotect his home country from war if he practices the Sitatapatra dharma. It has the effect ofshielding one'sown country and stopping wars. If apractitioner practices the Sitatapatra Yoga, he will be shielded from maliciousspells, curses,black magic, andattacks from others or enemies! It can also remove his own bad karma, shield him from and stop his own karmic obstacles, advert disasters, attacks, and humiliations from others. Therefore,the main function of cultivating this deity's practice is to eliminate misfortune andmishap.


In addition, her great bright strengthcan take away sickness. If you practice the  Sitatapatra yoga when you are ill, her illumination can clear all karmic sickness. Still,there are many other calamities that Sitatapatra can shield you from. Therefore, she is a great shielding and repelling goddess,who shields all adversities and stops them outside, sothat your body and mind can be at peace. Inaddition, practicing her sadhana can also eradicate calamities. When there is a disaster, practicing the Sitatapatra yoga can keep thedisaster at bay,as Sitatapatra can also shield you from your karma and form a sacred boundary protection. Her light can eliminate illness due to karma and subjugate disasters.


What about obtaining love andrespect? Practicing the ''Sitatapatra yoga'' is like being sheltered by a canopy,all malicious insults and defamation will be kept outside of the canopy, andyou will be safe. Since you practice Sitatapatra yoga, natural calamities suchas earthquake, flood, fire and tornado will be extinguished.


Since Shakyamuni Buddhamanifested Sitatapatra from his crown, she can also deliver beings in thenether world to the Pure Land with her light. Because of her shielding power,enemies will withdraw and disperse. Hence, the white parasol's power is infinite.


The Sitatapatra Homa Ceremonythat we conducted today had great significance because Sitatapatra herself is extremely powerful. She can fulfill our prayers for many things. This is thesignificance of Sitatapatra.

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