Winter Storm Relief Aid

In mid-February 2021, Texas, USA experienced brutal and devastating winter storms that led to massive power outages and dire disruptions to daily life. Many people lost access to basic essentials and struggled to keep warm in the freezing cold. 

On 27 February 2021, Sheng-Yen Lu Foundation, Seattle Ling Shen Ching Tze Temple, Rainbow Temple, and generous donors directed $75,000 USD to two nonprofit organizations providing emergency aid on the frontlines - namely OCA-Greater Houston and La Unidad 11. OCA-Greater Houston’s volunteers bought and distributed 2,400 bags of rice, and provided financial assistance to 938 low-income families or individuals in need, while La Unidad 11 distributed food and water to people severely affected by the winter freeze. One such disabled beneficiary, Maria, said that this support “literally helped me survive.” 

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