Sheng-Yen Lu Foundation Awards 18 Lotus Scholarships in 2020


On 10th July 2020, Sheng-Yen Lu Foundation (SYL Foundation) announced 18 new Lotus Scholarship students. SYL Foundation is committed to creating opportunity and access to higher education.The Lotus Scholarship program helps refugee and immigrant youth excel and persist through college, toward post-secondary degrees. In addition to scholarship awards, SYL Foundation also connects students to resources and information they need throughout college. In partnership with College Possible, Lotus Scholars participate in an intense (but fun) college prep workshop.

The Lotus Scholars of 2020 will join an outstanding cohort of 58 recently immigrated students in pursuing their college dreams. Their many accomplishments both personal and academic, are recognized and applauded by SYL Foundation, which believes in their ability to thrive in college and beyond, and is proud to be supporting their college dreams.

This year’s Lotus Scholarship students will also receive a laptop computer, which will help address the digital divide many students face as classes may all be online for the foreseeable future.  

For more information about the Lotus Scholarship program, please visit the Lotus Scholarship program page:


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