Healing Through Love

Organized by the True Buddha Foundation

Healing Through Love
Friday, Sep. 3, 2021
8 PM - 9:30 PM (Taiwan time)

Speaker: Mr. Leong Kai Choh

Leong Kai Choh
- Founder and CEO of Seiketsu Enterprise Sdn Bhd

- Spiritual mentor of the Psychology Workshop, organized by Hele Pte Ltd, an affiliated company of Seiketsu.

- Mr. Leong has been following Master Lancy Spezzano and Chuck Spezzano, Doctor of Psychology, for quite some time to further his study of the Psychology of Vision. He has traveled widely in the United States, Taiwan, and India to pursue training in spiritual growth, and has continuously purified and enhanced his own spiritual energy.

- Mr. Leong guides students toward all-round spiritual growth, helping them easily develop monetary energy and reach the pinnacle of success in life.

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Translator: Henry Wolf
Editor: DJ Chang

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