How do we enter Meditative Stabilization? (Part 2)

Dharma Talk by Living Buddha Lian Sheng on 09/07/96

Speaking of meditative stabilization, we must know how to stop our improper thoughts. The way to stop our thoughts is known as `Trekcho` in Tantrayana.

There are many ways to stop our thoughts. In short, we have to use `thought to curtail thoughts`; we substitute bad thoughts with good thought. In Tantrayana, we visualize so that all our improper thoughts do not arise. We must have made great progress in this aspect if we are in meditative stabilization. As our mind is focused and undivided, we should be able to enter into Samadhi.

After which, we can cultivate rainbow light - part of great perfection Dharma, and brightness in meditative stabilization known as `Togal`.

Many people have taken my photographs. And they found round shapes of light surrounding me. The lights that appear initially can be called `bright spots`. Those who are able to cultivate lights in their meditative stabilization can see many tiny bright spots, circulating and gyrating around their bodies.

The bright spots will grow slowly and form a Vajra-necklace known as Vajra-chain in Tantrayana. Sometimes, our personal deity, Buddha, or Bodhisattva will appear in these bright spots. All the Dharma realms can also appear in the bright spots if our spiritual level is very high. In future, I shall talk more about `Togal`.

We shall now go back to talk about Trekcho `Stop our thoughts`. As I said before, we can`t be too up tight when we attempt to enter meditative stabilization. If we try too hard, thinking that `I want to enter meditative stabilization`, then we can never succeed. On the other hand, we cannot be too relaxed. If we have no thoughts, we may fall asleep and enter into dreamland. We have to strike a balance between uptightness and relaxation; and stay in a stage between staying awake and sleeping.

When improper thoughts arise, we must visualize so as to use one thought to stop all thoughts.

Logically speaking, we must use our minds to think of the most beautiful thoughts, such as carry out `Buddha in me, me in Buddha` visualization as follows:

A Buddha appears in the space. He sits on our head. He changes into a bright pearl and enters into the blossom flower that lies in our heart through our central channel. Then he enlarges his size and we morph ourselves into Buddhas. To me, this is a good way, a holy and perfect way of visualization. It can be used to moderate our thoughts and achieve the so-called `using one thought to curtail many thoughts`.

Tantrayana uses Mantra, Mudra and visualization.

Mantra is closely related to breathing and rhythm. Our breathing must be very subtle and our mantra must be immersed with the sound of universe. By means of visualization, if our body, speech and mind are purified, we can enter into cosmos consciousness and let it enter into our body in return. This is a union. This is how we should enter into Samadhi (meditative stabilization).

Today, I have briefly explained to you my cultivation experiences accumulated over the years. I believe the best way to enter Samadhi is:

Use the subtlest way to breathe,

Assimilate the frequency of Mantra to that of the universe,

Visualize the minute details,

Then enter the most magnificent stage of meditative stabilization.

Of course our hands must form a Mudra. We must also chant the Mantra so that its frequency will resonant with that of the universe. Then we use the most beautiful and dignified visualization to cultivate `Trekcho` - meditative stabilization.

In the meditative stabilization, we can cultivate Togal - light. Remember that we must cultivate for a while before we can see lights in our meditative stabilization.

It is just like when we first switch on our TV set. The screen will not be clear immediately. Instead, we will see a lot of white dots. And slowly pictures appear. By changing the focal points to the right places, we can see sacred shrine; personal deity and Vajra-chain appear in front of us.

When our bodies are full of brightness, and can change into light instantly, we have achieved the `Rainbow Light Great Attainment`.

By cultivating, we will have Prajna and Vijnana. The purpose of Tantric cultivation is to maneuver them so as to enter into Vairocana Buddha`s great ocean of brilliance as mentioned in the Hua Yan Sutra.

That is all for today.

Om Mani Padme Hum

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