Dharma Talk by Living Buddha Lian Sheng on 09/07/96

Today, I shall talk briefly on how to enter meditative stabilization. Meditative stabilization (Ding in Chinese) is also known as `Samadhi` in Sanskrit language.

Personally I do not think it is difficult, nor do I think it is very easy to learn Buddhism and attain high spiritual attainment. However, without guidance and direction from a teacher, we have to spend a lot of time to study all the Sutras on our own. And there is no guarantee that we will be able to learn what we want. This is the difficulty we have to face when we do self-cultivation.

Shakyamuni Buddha was enlightened as a Buddha, as he had obtained the Pranja (wisdom). The future Buddha Meitraya will be enlightened once he has fully understood the meaning of Vijnanamatra (the doctrine that nothing exists apart from mind).

If we study the Buddhist Sutras carefully, we should be able to understand all the theories. After which our wisdom will be enhanced. From heart Sutra, we should be able to understand the existence of emptiness and its relationship with wisdom. From Vijnaptimatrasiddhi Sastra, we can learn how to get rid of earthly attachment, so that only the last pure consciousness remains.

Although we are able to understand this theory, we are still unable to enter the doors leading to Pranja and Vijnana. Why? None of the Sutras have mentioned about the method. We can understand the theoretical aspects of entering into emptiness, and the way to get rid of all senses and attachments. But the Sutras never mentioned about how we should cultivate.

Many people have studied Buddhadharma as an academic subject. There are many professors specialize in Buddhism in the universities. If you ask them: `Do you carry out practice?` Most of the time, they will answer: `I do not practise. I just carry out academic research.` In other words, they do no know how to carry out personal practice.

Without actual practice, there is no way we can obtain wisdom and Vijana.

Even if they have studied all the Buddhist Sutras, they still will not gain anything. Right now, I am the only person who knows the theoretical aspects as well as the key to practical cultivation.

Knowing the theory and the practice, I have discovered my true self through actual practice.

We can only carry out a real research when we are in a stage of meditative stabilization. Why? All the sediments will sink to the bottom of the water when it is still. Otherwise, nothing will be seen clearly.

It is always mentioned in Buddhadharma that unrivalled wisdom is derived from meditative stabilization.

Shakyamuni Buddha was in meditative stabilization when he finally understood what Pranja was, the truth about universe, and Buddha nature. His enlightenment is manifested in his holy behavior and mystic powers.

Upon enlightenment, he was able to assimilate himself into Vairocana Buddha`s sea of great brilliance. He was able to understand how the universe worked and be elevated to the status of a Buddha. He then used his Dharma power to succor all living beings. He was able to liberate himself and others.

In short, the ways to enlightenment can only be discovered in meditative stabilization.

There are many kinds of meditative stabilization. I practise True Buddha Tantra to enter them. In the lectures that follow, I shall teach you how to carry out personal cultivation, and the detailed procedure to do homa ceremony.

There are also keys to prajna and Vijnana. If we are able to understand the rituals involved and practise them personally, we should be able to reap the spiritual fruit in quick time.

If you think you can follow Buddha`s foot step by sitting under a Bodhi tree for a few days, and stand up and proclaim that `I have attained Buddhahood!` then you will be disappointed. In order to do so, you must know the methods and steps taken by Shakyamuni Buddha when he meditated. Otherwise, even if you should sit there and meditate your whole life, enlightenment is still not forthcoming!

That is all for today.

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